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  1. Sugar


    Hi folks. It's been somtime since I've posted or went to chat. Anyway has anyone talked to Bill aka zandoz? I know he's been sick but I've been unable to reach him on yim and I'm worried. Thanks Sarah
  2. Sugar

    November Iron Foodee Challenge VOTE

    Hi folks! Sorry for the delay. You can go here for a look at the recipes. I did leave chubby off the list as she has decided to no longer participate in dimensions.
  3. Sugar

    Happy Birthday Cors!!

    Happy birthday!!!!! :) A cake for you...
  4. Sugar

    Happy Birthday EllorionsDarlingAngel

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! :bounce:
  5. Sugar

    November Iron Foodee Challenge

    So Breakfast Foods seemed a bit narrow...so I'm going to open it up a bit. How about ONIONS! Everything from soup to appetizers to a main course. What dish does onion really bring alive for you??? 2006 Dec - Oranges 2007 Jan - Cream Cheese Feb - Soda pop Mar - Recipes...
  6. Sugar

    October Foodee Challenge Vote

    Vote is open for 3 days! Here is the list of entries.
  7. Sugar

    Happy Birthday Mathias!!

    Happy 21!! I hope it's a great year for you! :bounce::bounce::bounce:
  8. Sugar

    September Iron Foodee Challenge Vote

    Thanks everyone for the recipes!
  9. Sugar

    One way to look at it...

    I found this thru one of my RA sites. I really feel like it applies not only to those of us with chronic issues but those with complications from weight as well. Spoon Theory The Spoon Theory My best friend and I were in the diner, talking. As usual, it was very late and we were eating...
  10. Sugar

    Good Love Life = Happiness

    I have a picture of me and Mike that I love. I love it because I have never been happier. I wanted to post it in the best thread ever (rainy's) because I feel it's really my best picture...but I didn't because it feels like that's not the right venue since he is in the picture. So I've...
  11. Sugar

    September Iron Foodee Challenge

    I tend to stay home a lot more in the fall since I'm surrounded by so much pretty changing foliage. So it's always nice to wake up to my favorite meal at home... Breakfast Foods Anything and everything to do with breakfast from frittata to the best way to have oatmeal to your go to...
  12. Sugar

    R.I.P. Reading Rainbow

    Yes, it's sadly true. Reading Rainbow will be going off the air. Apparently there is no money in the budget to continue the reruns. :( From Wiki: Reading Rainbow is an American children's television series aired by PBS from June 6, 1983 until November 10, 2006, that encourages...
  13. Sugar

    What Would Brian Boitano Make?!

    Anyone else see this? I love it. LOVE IT. He makes me laugh and the food looks great. I want to go cook with him and enjoy some great food. :wubu:
  14. Sugar

    July Iron Foodee Poll

    Thanks so much for everyone that participated!!! All of the recipes look wonderful. The vote will close in 5 days. :)
  15. Sugar

    July Iron Foodee Challenge

    Hi everyone! I've never won anything before! :D So I was thinking I didn't see my favorite food on the list so why not now when it's at it's peak? This month it'sCORN!! :eat2: What kind of salsas, puddings, relishes and the like do you like doing with corn? 2006 Dec -...
  16. Sugar

    June Foodee Challenge Vote!

    Hello everyone! The poll will close in 5 days...so we have a bit more than half a month for July.
  17. Sugar

    You know you're a food addict when...

    So I've known for sometime that my love of food is really more of a torrid affair, but today I think I took it to a whole 'nother level! I was watching Amazing Race and on one challenge they had to throw cakes at each other until they found the one with cherry filling. Keep in mind they were...
  18. Sugar

    LisaInNC is Graduating, too!

    Lisa is far too much of a delicate flower to let everyone know that she is graduating! I am so proud of her! Good job & congrats!!!!!!
  19. Sugar

    Short Term Disability

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this? My doctor has suggested that since my first round of RA medication didn't work that I go on it for the second round and get my strength back. I've made calls and it's confusing at best...and I'm in insurance lol...
  20. Sugar

    Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Hi everyone... I'm wondering if anyone here has been diagnosed with RA? I was diagnosed on Monday and it's been quite a roller coaster of emotion. At any rate I've read up as much as I can online but what I found really focus' on average sized people. I see a specialist on the...