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    Pornhub's most popular categories for 2018...

    ...have nothing to do with BBW or SSBBW, let alone BHM. The closest we come is 'big ass.' https://www.pornhub.com/insights/2018-year-in-review I take this to be a slightly depressing indicator of the degree to which fat admiration remains very much a minor niche in the sexual culture. By sheer...
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    In the 21 years I've known my wife, she's gone from around 170 lbs to 290 lbs (for context, she's 5'4), a size 16 to a size 24. A few years ago I noticed that stairs were getting trickier for her. Nowadays she sort of hauls herself up the stairs, holding on to both bannisters and lumbering...
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    I recognize that no label ever changed because some eccentric objected to it. Nevertheless, I'd like to get this off my chest: I don't really care for the term Fat Admirer. It makes it sound like I 'admire' a disembodied lump of fat. And it lends itself to this ridiculous charge we sometimes...
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    Spanish artist photoshops celebrities to look fatter

    http://www.businessinsider.in/Spanish-artist-makes-profound-point-by-Photoshopping-celebrities-to-look-fat/articleshow/46363323.cms It seems pretty clear from this that he is not "only" motivated by a desire to challenge popular conceptions of beauty - he sounds like an FA ;) While digitally...