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  1. lovelymars908

    About The Erotica Thread?

    Out of curiosity, what happened to the Erotica archives of the Library? Is only accessible through an opt in or is really gone?
  2. lovelymars908

    The Idea of SFW/Non-erotic WG Fiction?

    It may sound a contradiction to what the entire genre is all about, but I've been personally working with this kind of framing for years and I can confidently say for certain that it can be easily accomplished. (Of course, it stems from me not having any kind of various fetishes but I digress.)...
  3. lovelymars908

    Not a Fat Admirer, but writes WG Fiction. Opinions?

    I wanted to get this off my chest. The title essentially says everything about the subject matter in this post. (sorry if this is in the wrong forum!) I'll be blunt: I am not a fat admirer in the slightest and I never was. I'll just leave it at that I'm only on the sidelines of the FA community...
  4. lovelymars908

    BOTH Pomona & Danu (~WG, ~BBW, ~BHM)

    ~WG, ~BBW, ~BHM. Science Fantasy. A young, arrogant warrior becomes the reluctant protege of a strict master, and both go through unexpected changes during the apprenticeship. A/N: This novella will be my official debut in the library and writing community. The narrative is almost out of my...
  5. lovelymars908

    Any opinions on platonic or non-romantic relationships in WG fiction?

    Being honest here, I was never too much into the romance angle of weight gain fiction except a few things here and there. No doubt that's my bias of not liking or reading the romance genre in general. However, I'm more concerned about exploring other kinds of non-romantic, mutual relationships...
  6. lovelymars908

    The Toy Maker

    ~BHM, ~Stuffing A/N: This one-shot is more of a vignette (or a flash fiction) than a full-length story, as I just wanted to get this idea into a quick group of words. The toy maker archetype. Not sure if anyone tried this concept out in one way or another, but it really is worth looking into...
  7. lovelymars908

    New to the Dim. Story Forums

    *stops sweating in nervousness and straightens herself* Hello. I joined Dimensions a little over a year ago, but I wasn't too terribly active. Well, if you look at my profile and the reason for this thread... I'm just another weight gain writer, hoping to achieve more fans here. Never really...
  8. lovelymars908

    Mixing with Horror?

    For a while I always wondered if horror can be applied in a WG story. I completely understand that some people would put off. Horror has to survive on mood and atmosphere and must provide suspension. (Erotic horror does exist after all although it's not talked about.) And it's not an easy branch...