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  1. PunkyGurly74


    Do I win??? What do I win??? Huh? Huh? I'm 3 ::cough:: 7
  2. PunkyGurly74

    Red Panty Designs

    I finally made it into a plus size consignment shop today - they really had nothing for me..but, I found a line made by a local woman of some really cute plus size stuff and she does custom stuff too: Red Panty Designs - she is on facebook and her etsy shop...
  3. PunkyGurly74

    TV Show cancellations

    I haven't had a TV in a couple of months, but, I do have Hulu plus, so, I can watch the majority of my shows online...no Top Chef or True Blood..but, still some good stuff... I was shocked recently when my sister told me they cancelled two out of the three soaps I grew up watching - One Life...
  4. PunkyGurly74

    Is he really into big girls?

    Just a hypothetical thought here. Say you meet someone online. You talk and he says yes, I have no problem with big girls. Love big girls..no, I am not a closeted FA...etc. Basically, you catch the drift. At one point you exchange Facebook pages...etc..or possibly add..or just at least look...