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  1. daniel

    BHM and cellulite

    To all FFA - what do You think about fat men and cellulite - does it bother You or do You like it ?
  2. daniel

    Cellulite - does it bother you ?

    Hi all you FFA's ! I would like to know if cellulite in a BHM is bothering you. I'm 184 cm, 155 kg and I developed more and more cellulite on my thighs, butt, hips and arms during last years. So I'm very interested to know your opinion to taht porblem. Best whishes Daniel
  3. daniel

    Fat Tissue

    How can you influence the quality of your fat tissue - I mean is there any concept to get your fat soft e.g. ?
  4. daniel

    Cellulite in men

    Since I gained weight I observed to develope more and more a severe cellulite all over my body. :huh: As a man it´s really uncommon because cellulite is normally related to women. What are you thinking about ? Would it bother you to accept a man with cellulite ? Daniel
  5. daniel

    Hello to this phantastic board

    Hi everybody - I`m new here on this website and happy to have find it out.I`m living in northern Germany in the city of Hamburg and are a BHM. I would be happy to get contact to FFA`s . Thank for joining. Anton:)