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  1. max_bialystock

    A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far, Away

    There was me (see first picture). And I was depressed and miserable. And I chased BBWs not because I wanted to catch and make love to one, but because it was as close as I could get to being one. Then, two years ago things changed. I kissed testosterone good bye and opened a different door...
  2. max_bialystock


    Shelley here (aka max_bialystock). Well, 14 months into estrogen replacement therapy and lots of changes. I finally have an ass. Yes, it's padded, and I don't have to fake it at all. Weight in tummy has shifted down, so I'm more concave then anything else. Thighs? Yeah, I have 'em. Softer...
  3. max_bialystock

    Been A While, Hasn't it?

    Over a year to be exact. Not sure how to post this, but I feel okay about doing. A little over a year ago, I decided to make a fundamental change in my life. I finally came out as being transgendered. At 52, I realized that with few obligations to anyone but myself to be happy, it was time...
  4. max_bialystock

    In Case You Haven't Seen it Spock Appreciates Fat Chicks

    Yeah, Leonard Nimoy is very cool! http://www.leonardnimoyphotography.com/7bodybot.htm