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    BBW Lady Luck - by Marlow

    The next epoch of our favorite stowaway! Well written as always, and I can’t wait for what’s next.
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    BBW Lady Luck - by Marlow

    Poor Kenneth! Glad she made it out in time. Love the wiring and the drama.
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    How do you feel about the idea of stories set during the current crisis?

    I agree. The devil is in the details. If you are respectful toward the fact that it’s a terrible time for some families, I think you’re fine to have your characters have their own unique experience. After all, I know a lot of people just figure they’ll be gaining weight due to the quarantine...
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    BBW Homecoming

    Thank you! What a beautiful little story. I’m not normally a sci-fi person, but this had enough natural interest to it that I really enjoy it.
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    Make A Wish (BBW, BHM, XWG)

    This was awesome! I love how the pacing of the gain is timed such that you never really know if the paperweight is responsible, or of we are reading natural good fortune ;)
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    I’m sorry to hear. Don’t focus on what other people think of you—focus on your relationship and family. Weight comes and goes, and obviously some of the weight is actually because of your investment in the relationship. Has your husband seen a therapist? If he loves you, he better get his head...
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    BOTH Before & After: a Smorgasbord of Stories (~BBW, ~BHM, ~BOTH, ~XWG, ~GAS, ~IMMOBILITY)

    I love they way you’ve set these up, what seems to be a diversity of stories. Are they all feeder/feedee relationships?
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    A Change for the Fatter - by Swordfish

    Beautiful! Sophisticated but to the point. I like the relatability of the story, as well as the way you tied it together in the end.
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    BBW Second Chances ( BBW EATING ROMANCE)

    What about several years (and pounds) later, and the two have started a video security company—via the internet, they monitor security cameras of hundreds of clients’ businesses from their home. Of course, this means a lot of time to kill staring at screens and mindlessly eating...adds a lot to...
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    BBW The Fence- by Polarisdreamer (~BBW, STUCKAGE, TEASING, ~SEX, STUFFING)

    In terms of sequels, I could see one being many years later with Alana having gotten much bigger and Trevor having to navigate that. He is okay with her being 100lbs overweight, but navigating her being 200 or 300 pounds overweight might be a bridge too far—or is it? Or is it something he can...
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    BBW The Fence- by Polarisdreamer (~BBW, STUCKAGE, TEASING, ~SEX, STUFFING)

    Enjoyable story! The characters had a realistic complexity around their bodies and emotions. Thanks!!
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    BBW Annie's Kitchen

    This was a fun vignette! I enjoyed the structure, as well as the plausibility embedded in it. Raisa Costa inspired?
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    BBW The Uncontainable - by Marlow

    Intrigue continues!!
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    BBW Fat for Teacher

    This story was great. For some reason it’s hard not to feel like there was something left on the table with the epilogue—like the part I was gunning for was just glossed over at the very end...why was she 500, and what made that so regrettably hard? Certainly that must have been a daily battle...
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    BBW The Uncontainable - by Marlow

    Things are getting downright interesting! Can’t wait for more!!
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    BBW The Uncontainable - by Marlow

    Marlow, this story demonstrates why you’re known as one of the best.
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    BBW Transitions (WG)

    Loving the update! (FYI it’s spelled ‘Napa’)
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    BBW Transitions (WG)

    I’m loving this story!! I can’t wait to see where it goes! Great, writing, I enjoy the care and realism. Seems like if she’s not careful, Kelly could wake up with some really bad habits, given all that’s going on...