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    Starting o think about my Birth Plan

    Any moms here ever write one? Any tips? Stuff I KNOW I want: 1) Natural childbirth 2) Own clothes, no unnecessary equipment/monitoring/procedures 3) Plan to BF, meet with LC/rooming in 4) Boy left intact
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    Prenatal yoga

    Are those YouTube or VOD? :)
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    What is your current food obsession??

    My baby has me craving weird stuff: Elk burgers (not as hard to find as you'd expect) Bananas Foster/Peach Melba
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    Had prenatal visit and FINALLY bought nursing bras!

    Dr. Donovan told me I'm doing great! She does tease me though, she claims I'm hairier "down there" than her next 3 patients combined. After my appointment, I went to my local maternity section for new bras. I got professionally fitted: 50DD :eek:
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    Weight gaining tips/tricks

    Get pregnant
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    The daily excercise report thread!!

    Been doing 30 minutes of prenatal yoga this pregnancy.
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    What is your weight right now?

    I'm halfway pregnant and I've hit 275 lbs. Roger hit 400! (We're both the heaviest we've ever been)
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    Roger is putting on sympathy weight

    He weighed himself this morning, and he's up to 388 (from 380). :)
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    Just looking at email

    I realized something obvious: I could do occasional practice Zoom meetings while I'm on leave, both to get used to the format and work out the kinks of doing seminars while nursing.
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    Just looking at email

    Yeah, I was thinking either send a memo saying,"Don't freak out if you can't see me. I'm still here." Or I obviously could angle the camera collarbone-up.
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    Just looking at email

    Thanks for the thorough response! But I think I was being too subtle there: I'm wondering if me worrying about nursing during meetings is overthinking things. (We don't have any newish moms in our department) Hopefully they'll be understanding if/when they suddenly can't see me. On the upside...
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    Just looking at email

    TY @Sonic Purity! Do you think I'm overthinking people being bothered by what I'll need to be doing during meetings?
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    Just looking at email

    As I expected, my situation is EXACTLY the type who can stay home. So I got the go ahead to work from home. Will need to install Zoom on my computer. If we're STILL remotely working during Spring semester, I'll have to warn them that: if you suddenly can't see me, it's because I'm doing...
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    Felt the baby move this morning! :)

    Why thank you @littlefairywren!
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    Felt the baby move this morning! :)

    I was (alone) in the shower and felt my first flutter! :D
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    Prenatal yoga

    Anyone ever do yoga? With quarantine, it seems YouTube videos or VOD are my best bets for exercise. Any recommendations?
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    Just looking at email

    I'm a healthy eater AND I'm taking a prenatal vitamin, so hopefully I'm good in that way.
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    Just looking at email

    Joyce let me know I COULD put in a request to work remotely because folks like me have a SPECIFIC policy covering us. I sent the request, fully expect it's granted.
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    Just looking at email

    @Tad they are doing many classes by hybrid method, and when they DO have f2f classes it's in extra large spaces. They've also closed common areas.
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    Just looking at email

    According to a Google search, the precautions I'm currently taking should be sufficient, BUT the data is VERY limited.