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    What’s your type (besides the obvious?)

    Shape is important for sure. Beyond physique however, I have a thing for brunettes for some reason, and I also like it when a lady dresses with flair and sophistication. One of my laments is how few BBWs do this, although I understand that it's not always easy to do for a host of reasons. But...
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    Weight-Gainer Wife

    When I met my wife at work - almost 24 years ago now! - she was definitely plump, 5'2, size 14-16, probably about 180 lbs with a notable belly bulge. We connected right away. She definitely had an appetite and although I am not a feeder per se, I was delighted to discover how much she enjoys...
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    Pornhub's most popular categories for 2018...

    ...have nothing to do with BBW or SSBBW, let alone BHM. The closest we come is 'big ass.' https://www.pornhub.com/insights/2018-year-in-review I take this to be a slightly depressing indicator of the degree to which fat admiration remains very much a minor niche in the sexual culture. By sheer...
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    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    I've actually been giving this question a bit of thought. I think the first "crush" I had, not in the sense of falling in love, but in the sense of falling in LUST, was in grade 8 or 9. This was, like, 30 years ago now, so the details are hazy, LOL. But I do remember a specific moment very...
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    Intentional or accidental?

    Nothing to feel strange about. I would say that either everyone on this site is 'strange' - because we all share a minority preference - or else no one is: the world is full of variety and 'normal' is an illusion.
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    Intentional or accidental?

    I'm surprised to find so many saying 'unintentional,' because so much of the material on feederism celebrates willful gaining. Maybe this is my fault for forgetting about the all-important distinction between FA and feeder. Anyhow I'm not a feeder, but I do deeply enjoy weight gain, and...
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    Watching strangers gorge themselves

    My experiences in beholding self-stuffing all involve the gal who became my wife, not strangers. Mostly her thing is low-level day-to-day overeating, but she definitely likes to really go overboard from time to time. One of my favorites was the time, fairly early in our dating life, when she had...
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    Seeking advice my Fiancé is losing weight

    FWIW my advice would be to stay cool and ride it out. If she is a longstanding BBW then the odds are extremely good that she will eventually drop the diet and start gaining weight again. Then you get to enjoy the 'gaining' process! So continue being supportive and know the probabilities are...
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    "Why are the plus-size champions shrinking before our eyes?" by Chloe Elliot

    God love Tess Holliday, but her position as a "champion" for the plus-sized has its own problems, because here's the thing - subaltern groups have always been "allowed" to be fat within our culture. It's more socially normalized for African American, poor, and working class people, for instance...
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    Discussion: Feeders/Feedees and emotions/mentality

    This is a very long thread. Scanning it, I'm struck by how much confusion or uncertainty exists around the concept of "feeder." (We seem pretty clear on what a "feedee" is, i.e., someone who is sexually aroused by being fed and gaining weight). But on "feeder," we seem confused about whether...
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    Q about lower bellies.

    Gosh, I love a big lower belly. Tremendously sexy.
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    Question for all about weight gain

    * Whether you like weight gain on another person or on yourself? Definitely on a woman, not at all on myself. My fat fetish is entirely outwardly directed. * Was it always with you and can you remember at the earliest age and what it was that caught your interest? As for being FA, that goes...
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    Natural Fatties vs Thin to Fat Conversion

    FWIW, unforced weight gain is a huge turn-on for me personally. But the specific aspect of going "from thin to fat" is not all that interesting. For me, there is something fascinating about the "naturally fat" person - the whole mindset is sexy - and I guess I prefer someone going from "already...
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    First FA experience

    What I'll say is that in the pre-internet era, when I was young, the process of sexual self-discovery was probably slower than it is today. I realized pretty early on that the girls I found sexy were not the same as those my friends did. They were chubby. But what took me longer to realize was...
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    Wife has lost weight- Does it get easier?

    That's a fair distinction. In my case, FA-ness is essentially a sexual preference, not especially part of my wider identity beyond that. I'm not locked into a real-life fat acceptance community (but rather just enjoy dipping in and out of online discussion), haven't built my friendships and...
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    Revisiting ... the FFA guilt issue

    A further thought concerns all the other 'unhealthy' lifestyles couples engage in without guilt or social sanction. For instance, riding a motorcycle is a highly dangerous activity. But a lot of people go for it, and for many couples it's an important bonding factor. Are such couples 'enabling'...
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    Wife has lost weight- Does it get easier?

    I'm gonna take a heretical view here. Sex is great and all, but I don't think it's the essence of a life-long committed relationship. It's more like the cherry on top of the sundae. I've come to feel this more and more strongly as I've gotten older and my wife and I have gone through long...
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    Revisiting ... the FFA guilt issue

    It's a complex question, an maybe as an FA rather than FFA I shouldn't be butting in (although is there any difference when it comes to 'guilt' on this issue?), but I feel no guilt myself, because my partner is clearly hard-wired to love food and be fat, and would be this way with or without me...
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    Olivia Jensen Through The Years - a compilation video

    Pretty much my ideal body type! A knockout.
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    Do thick girls make skinny guys uncomfortable because they're thicker than they are?

    Oh, there is a ton of hypocrisy around 'health' for sure. Take a guy like me, who, although I eat reasonably healthy, hardly ever exercise. Having a fairly fast metabolism and moderate appetites, I weigh about 188 - slightly overweight at 6-feet tall, but basically I look reasonably trim. The...