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  1. J

    The Five Stupidest Diets I've Followed

    Morning, all...thought I'd share this article. Happy Thanksgiving...in two days, that is. :)
  2. J

    Most absurd diet books of the past 50 years

    The pudge war between my mother and I began at age 7, when a plate containing a single slice of whole-wheat toast was placed in front of me and the announcement, "You're going on a diet," was made. Books began to appear in my house about weight loss as time went on and I didn't lose any weight...
  3. J

    Article: "Supersize me? How about my car?"

    Hey. I published this a week ago, thought I would link. http://autos.aol.com/article/cars-fo...ght-americans/ I've been trying for 4 years to convince editors that covering this aspect of the auto industry is important, and to let me write about it without including any caveats...
  4. J

    Clothing-optional beaches--would you go? Do you?

    Hi. The Mrs. and I recently went to a C.O. beach, where we...optionally removed some or all clothing. Why, you ask? Why the hell not, I answer! Personally speaking, I have enjoyed going without my clothes since I was a small kid and have always enjoyed my body no matter its shape...
  5. J

    Euthanizing a food processor.

    I hate things that half-work. Either work perfectly, or break perfectly. That's my motto. My 5-year-old food processor was laying down on the job...wouldn't do carrots anymore. Blades just stood there groaning. Ok, I'll chop the carrots by hand. You do the onions, food processer. Finally, it...
  6. J

    Spousal weight changes; some thoughts

    I found the below on my hard drive this morning; I'd written it about a year ago. I hesitated to post it after I wrote it because as time goes on and the net becomes more and more about revealing every little hair on every little part of your head, less is more and this is fairly personal...
  7. J

    Two months of thrash---a report

    On March 21, I asked you for recommendations for the angriest, loudest, screaming-ist thrash metal known to mankind. http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/forums/showthread.php?t=56147 I thank you for your suggestions, and I wish to report my findings, feelings and observations. Here goes: *My...
  8. J

    Makeshift kitchen tools---yours?

    *When I was a housepainter and we needed to make coffee in a not-yet-moved-into apartment, frequently the java would be stirred with a screwdriver or whatever long tool was around. *I needed bread crumbs to make eggplant on Saturday, so I toasted two slices of bread and put 'em in the oven...
  9. J

    Still MORE worst traits about BBW---pick one!

    :) Message lengthened to satisfy the "your message too short to box with God" message.
  10. J

    Online, then in person---positive and negative

    Last week I sold a bicycle to a stranger I found on CraigsList. There was, of course, no real way of knowing if who showed up at my door with cash would be a maniac. However, after a phone conversation, we each thought the other sounded ok, so the name and address and directions were offered...
  11. J

    Eureka! Vegan muffins w/out recipe

    Found myself with three rapidly aging bananas. Rather than chuck 'em, I decided to put them to good use, flying solo with no instructor, late last night. I assembled: 3 mashed bananas 1 cup whole wheat (white) flour 2 tblspns canola oil Handful of raisins Dash of maple syrup Capful vanilla...
  12. J

    In need of the loudest, heaviest, stupidest, angriest music

    Ever recorded. I want this. I emailed my drummer friend Rich, who immediately emailed back--- "Slayer. 'Reign In Blood'. Best album of all time." Downloaded it off iTunes. Listened while I did the dishes. Perfect. What are your number one suggestions? It doesn't have to be...
  13. J

    Dream Kitchen

    1. Extra, extra, extra large. Like I could do a cartwheel if I felt like it and not necessarily hit anything. 2. Industrial stove with 6 burners. 3. Two ovens. 4. Lots of brick. 5. Very, very sharp knives. 6. Water pressure in my 2 sinks like a fire hose, and as hot as I want it the...
  14. J

    Holy Guacamole!

    Great big tubs of chunky green heaven. My fave? Chipotle. Just a perfect combination of spice and fresh fresh, McDonald's connection be damned. Perfect size---1/8 lb container. And the other day the place was closing up, and they gave me my container for free. "Take it, I know you...
  15. J

    The butter thread---nuts, that is...!

    Salmonella, schmamonella. I have, in constant rotation--- 4 different kinds. Natural-ground Almond Fresh honey-roasted Skippy's I don't put 'em on anything, either. A bit of each goes on a spoon, and that's breakfast every day. Sometimes, after lunch, I'll grab another spoon...
  16. J

    Injured by food?

    I must be on a morbid streak. But here goes: Two years ago I broke a back tooth on a piece of popcorn, and had to have the tooth extracted...in pieces. Dental surgeon: "You numb yet?" Me: "No." Dental surgeon: "I'm goin' anyway. Other. You?
  17. J

    Kitchen injuries---war stories?

    I'm not trying to be Mr. Bummer here, but I'm interested to hear about your battles with ovens, knives, and so on. Here's three of mine: I was trying to pull a pie out of the oven last Saturday to inspect, and it wouldn't come. I used a little more energy, the pie loosened and I pulled it out...
  18. J

    Saturday night lentil soup

    JMNYC'S VEGAN LENTIL SOUP, MADE LAST NIGHT: Stock: 8 cups filtered water 5 or 6 enormous green cabbage leaves, chopped 1 large onion, chopped 3 cloves garlic, peeled, chopped 1 cup chopped carrots 1 cup chopped celery 2 tablespoons olive oil *Bring water to boil in large crock pot...
  19. J

    Saturday night pumpkin custard pie!

    Picture this: it's Saturday night and it's 12 degrees out...you got a great film, Jim Jarmusch's "Dead Man". But no dessert. Your lady wants a sweet treat. Do you need to be told twice? Up you spring, coat, hat, scarf, shoes, and out you go to the store to pick up a can of pumpkin, an eggless...
  20. J

    Retrieving/preserving MAC files from the 90s

    I bought my first computer, a Mac Performa, in 1996. It lasted 6 years with no trouble. I backed up my files--photos, words, song lyrics---on floppy discs (!) and an external ZIP drive. In 2002 I upgraded to a Dell, which worked ok until it crashed---totally---in 2007. Whereupon I bought the...