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    BHM Canned Love (Sequel to Acid Orchid) ~SSBHM Realistic WG Infidelity

    Canned Love by magodamilion2 Scene 1: The Final Weekend It took time to get used to having a nearly six-hundred-pound boyfriend. But after seven months together (and three months actually living together), Mia pretty much had it all figured out. Sometimes she’d even forget, she’d gotten so...
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    What is the interest level here in stories that aren't directly about feederism/weight gain?

    I posted a story on here that began as a traditional weight gain/feederism story, but as I continued it, in my head it became less and less about that, and it started to be a slight effort to still make it sexy and appealing in that way. A lot of people on Fantasy Feeder, where I also posted it...