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  1. seavixen

    Torrid's new extended sizing!

    For anyone who might not know (and I'm sorry if it's been mentioned and I didn't see it), Torrid's now going significantly bigger with a lot of their clothing. They introduced a size 5/5X quite a while back, but now they go to a 6/6X, which is generously sized at 66-70" bust, 60-64" waist, and...
  2. seavixen

    Supersized jeans! I might sell them. Interest?

    Hi, ladies! I've got a ridiculous collection of jeans and some non-jeans pants that are too big for me these days. I'm just trying to gauge interest in these, since I'd prefer to sell them (cheaply) to people who can use them, vs donating them where possibly no one will fit them. I have sizes...
  3. seavixen

    Okay Etsyers.. jewelry input?

    I know there are already plenty of people selling their creations here, so I don't want to step on any toes. I'm considering opening up an Etsy shop of my own... mainly to help offset the cost of my terrible jewelry supply addiction - lol. I have pretty specific tastes, and tend to make things...
  4. seavixen

    Swimsuits! Cheap and kickass.

    Sooo.... my mom finally utilized her gigantic yard and put in an 18x33 foot above ground/in deck swimming pool. Guess where I have been like every possible day? Water makes my fat really happy, and I am pretty good at in-pool volleyball if you ask me. The point? Swimsuits! Swimsuits are...
  5. seavixen

    Torrid - 50% off clearance 4/4 only + $10 off any order

    I loooove Torrid's 50% off clearance sales , but this one happens to coincide with their $10 off any order promo, use coupon code happybday (expires Sunday) :) Clearance 50% off sale is online only, as always. They also have pretty decent non-clearance sales, and as far as I can tell there's...
  6. seavixen

    Shopping adventures this summer: Woman Within, Old Navy, Lane Bryant

    Okay, so it has been torturing me that the Right Fit jeans from Lane Bryant exist and I am beyond the size range. Catherine's goes up to a 12, but they have the most hideous pant shapes.. since I refuse to wear tapered legs (believe me, on me they're very bad), that leaves me with no real...
  7. seavixen

    Extra Wide Mary Janes - Amazon has an awesome deal!

    Not sure if anyone has posted anything about this shoe or this sale, as I haven't really been keeping track here for awhile... but Amazon has a killer deal on the Softwalk Jupiter shoe, which is a really comfy, cute Mary Jane. I wear such an array of sizes that I can't really tell you how their...
  8. seavixen

    Avenue bootcut cords

    I picked up a pair in black and a pair in dark brown when they were $10, since I'd been curious for awhile and the price couldn't be any better. They're still a pretty good price at $16.99, plus there are always 20% off or better coupons out there. (These pants currently live in the Clearance...
  9. seavixen

    a digital painting... of myself! woohoo.

    This is my latest addition to my deviantART. I digitally paint these in Photoshop based on actual photos of myself (that sounds REALLY vain, doesn't it?) and add my own touches... change the clothes or theme, make the eyes different, etc., so they're not exact copies but are easily recognizable...
  10. seavixen

    Did they change the Denim Lites?

    I got a couple new pairs of Avenue Denim Lites in the bootcut style, and I swear they seem different (and not just because they have lettering on the inside of the waistband). They seem a bit lower rise, and the legs seem to be more of an actual bootcut.. less bagginess in the thighs, and some...
  11. seavixen

    Extra wide leg career-ish pants - I LOVE them!

    I just got these from Avenue today.. I needed some pants that were cozy and slightly dressy or professional, and I REALLY prefer wide leg pants. I know a lot of people here prefer tapered... but tapered just looks vile on my legs, and bootcut is never wide enough because my legs are so thick...
  12. seavixen

    Big sale at Lane Bryant! Plus info on the Venezia Lites

    Hooray for good sales! Lane Bryant (not the catalog) has an awesome sale going on right now. If you haven't tried the awesome Cacique bras (they're the only kind I wear anymore), now's a good time since they're buy one get one on all cotton styles. There are also some killer clearance sales...
  13. seavixen

    Shoes? Shoes!

    I have to go to a wedding next month, so I've been shopping around for dress shoes... and if I'm shopping for any sort of shoe, I always end up getting other shoes as well. Payless (payless.com) has buy one get one half off, and also free shipping for orders over $45, and you can return any...
  14. seavixen

    Avenue sportwaist Denim Lites

    I remember quite awhile back someone mentioning that they missed the Denim Lites with the sport waist. Just a heads up in case anyone's still looking for them and hasn't noticed, they're on sale at avenue.com for $24.99 in all sizes.
  15. seavixen

    Alright ladies! Jeans - info for sz 32ish and possible sale

    Okay! I am on a never-ending quest to find jeans that fit me... that I like. In the course of said journey, I have accumulated a lot of jeans that fit me for a short time (very tightly) and then no longer fit me, or that never fit me to begin with but I never got around to returning or...
  16. seavixen

    New picture - new short haircut? Eek!

    Well, I wanted to do it before the wedding, to be honest. It's been murderously hot, and I've had really long hair for my entire life - I've been wanting something different, and I didn't feel like going a completely new colour and having to keep up with roots. So... I got my hair chopped...
  17. seavixen

    New self portrait :)

    With the trip to Maui, the wedding, and then both my husband's and my birthdays, this summer has been SO busy for me... but I've finally picked up my camera again and I have a new self portrait. I know you're so pleased, or something. :) I've had the new glasses for months now, but my...
  18. seavixen

    Secondary DeviantArt - stories & bbw art

    I couldn't really decide whether or not I wanted to post my secondary DA account here or not... but decided I might as well. While one is for my more mainstream stuff (velvetnegative), I have another one that is exclusively for my stories and chubby lady art. If you don't like "that" kind of...
  19. seavixen

    Spare Change - by Seavixen (~BBW, Magic, Self-realization)

    ~BBW, Magic, Self-realization - A crazy crone helps a confused soul find happiness SPARE CHANGE by Seavixen The street outside the bakery – Market, as it had come to be known for the wide variety of establishments and sidewalk peddlers – was particularly crowded. All around...