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  1. dharmabean

    Happy Birthday HottiMegan

    ☼☺ Happy Birthday HottiMegan ☺☼
  2. dharmabean

    I Am...

    We're so big on putting each other down, and pointing out flaws, I want to see a list of encouragement. What is your "I Am..." list? I Am. I am a good person. I am beautiful. I am warn hearted. I am intelligent. I am articulate. I am worth love and being loved...
  3. dharmabean

    Lil BigginZ

    I friggen adore you! I have grown to really enjoy our skype, talks, texts, chats and craziness. You're fantastic and I wish you the bestest birthday evah!!
  4. dharmabean

    Happy Birthday Dromond

    I have come to really respect, enjoy and look forward to our conversation. This is a huge, spectacular, ♥◦♪◦☺ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU☺◦♫◦♥
  5. dharmabean

    Happy Birthday Seen Yore Hozay!

    Happy Birthday Seen Yore Hozay J Garseeya !!!!!
  6. dharmabean

    Happy Birthday LovelyLady78

  7. dharmabean

    Happy Birthday Cinnamitch

    ♪♫ Happy Birthday Cinnamitch ♪♫
  8. dharmabean

    Happy Birthday Oona

    ♪♫ Happy Happy Birthday You ♪♫
  9. dharmabean

    Happy Birthday ScreamingChicken

  10. dharmabean

    Happy Birthday TwilightStar

    Happy Birthday TwilightStarr!!!! sorry about the misspelling in the thread title
  11. dharmabean

    Most important thing(s) my kid(s) have taught me...

    I really like the "Most important thing(s) my significant other has taught me.." thread.. but I have more things to say about my son. My son, who's turning 18 in June. My son, my only child. My rock star, guide, ... moon and stars. My son has taught me to relax, it's not worth...
  12. dharmabean

    Happy Birthday BMann

    Happy Birthday BMANN
  13. dharmabean

    Happy Birthday LittleFairyWren

  14. dharmabean

    Happy Birthday Moore2Me

  15. dharmabean

    Happy Birthday Your Plump Princess!

    Happy Birthday to you beautiful one!
  16. dharmabean

    Happy Birthday Victoria08

    Happy birthday to one of the most stunning women here!!
  17. dharmabean

    Aussie Friends...

    I seen these on a friend's facebook page. It stated, "A friend from Australia brought these back for me." I've been searching the internet, and having a hell of time finding them. Do you know where to find them perchance? They're VW Bus Mugs
  18. dharmabean

    Happy Birthday BlackJack

  19. dharmabean

    12.21.12 - Check In!

    Australians .. check in.. let us know your part of the earth is still there!! As the clock rolls around, and the 21st approaches... Check in! :D;)
  20. dharmabean

    Happy Birthday Vanilla Gorilla