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  1. seavixen

    health problems: arthritis vs. bariatric surgery

    I am not going to do the whole WLS slamming thing, but, having lost a lot of weight the "normal" way - that is, lifestyle changes and such, zero surgery or drugs - and having like a dozen family members who've had WLS, I strongly, strongly recommend doing it my way instead of having surgery, if...
  2. seavixen

    What’s on the dinner table (part 2)?

    My husband made kimchi jjigae and mandu for dinner. Mmmm, Korean food.
  3. seavixen

    Cars BBWs like

    I drive a 2018 Dodge Challenger, and the thing has tons of room in the front (the back is another story - wide but like zero leg room, and it's a coupe so there's that). My mom's got the same car in a 2011 and they are basically identical, and I was used to driving it since she like never drives...
  4. seavixen

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    Still alive, if anyone wondered! I did get remarried and moved to Sea-Tac, though.
  5. seavixen

    Getting tired....anyone else too?

    I'm late responding to this, as I rarely come to this board lately - however, I just wanted to say that I can keenly understand so many things that you mentioned in your original post. 4 years ago, every single aspect of my life was extremely miserable. I was over 500 lbs, I could barely move...
  6. seavixen

    Fit & Fat: what works for you?

    This is a late reply, but I understand 100% how you feel. A few years ago, I was also experiencing this feeling. I could walk very little, I couldn't really go anywhere, and I felt worthless, useless, and totally trapped. Even going to a restaurant was horrible, because seating might not work...
  7. seavixen

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Not the best picture and my expression is super derpy but...dress!
  8. seavixen

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Because selfie. I dunno.
  9. seavixen

    Supersized jeans! I might sell them. Interest?

    I still have tons of jeans, ranging from size 38 to 26, that I need to do something with. I'm working on going through my closet so I can sort what I have by size, etc.; I also have career type pants, some of them never actually worn, but with the tags off. My legs have always been very big in...
  10. seavixen

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTrJqC_ANdQ Wake Up - Sung Joon. It's from one of my fav dramas, 닥치고 꽃미남 밴드, which has some really exceptional music on its OST, all around.
  11. seavixen

    A Question for our Resident BBWs

    This is a late-ish response, but it reminds me of a conversation that a friend and I had recently, wherein we discussed the strangeness of the fact that we're totally accepting of other women wearing things we would *never* feel comfortable in - even if their bodies are similar, they're showing...
  12. seavixen

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    puffy face + cat hair decorated hoodie. buuut I had really fantastically peaceful morning walk before it got hot out. ^.^
  13. seavixen

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Some new selfies, because whatever. ^.^
  14. seavixen

    Torrid's new extended sizing!

    Torrid's shoes tend to be awesome for me since they carry a lot of rounded toe styles, and my toes are short, fat, and straight across. Hope you love your stuff! I've always been really satisfied with my torrid things. ^.^
  15. seavixen

    Vehicles for the plus size!

    My friend's got a Kia Forte5, and that thing has an amazing amount of room. Her 6'9" tall son's knees touch dash in the front, but her 6'6" brother's don't, and there's plenty of room on the seatbelt for me with no extender. My mom's Challenger has an absolutely crazy amount of room behind the...
  16. seavixen

    Mid sized bbws, marginalized by FAs

    I'm still far away from being mid-sized at a size 24ish, but there's definitely a sense of not belonging anywhere, now. When I was a very, very big ssbbw over 200lbs ago, I felt like I had a niche, and there was a sense of belonging to it. Now I'm somewhere in that grey area where I'm just sort...
  17. seavixen


    I wish I could help! But, if you can't find anything, you can do a bit of DIY to make standard things steampunk. Top hats don't necessarily need adornment at all, but you can always glue a gear on it (think put a bird on it from Portlandia) and you're instantly more steampunk. Goggles should be...
  18. seavixen

    Jeans Sizing

    I agree that it depends on the jeans. At least with spandex being in most jeans' makeup now, it's rarely necessary to deal with an elastic waist unless you want to. Some brands have different shape cuts, like a curvy version for pears or a fuller waist for apples, which can help quite a lot...
  19. seavixen

    Torrid's new extended sizing!

    Yep, same here! They also added 00, which is a 10ish, so they've expanded in both directions. They're now 00-6, which is a really fantastic range, since it's awfully hard to find even ugly things at the measurements listed for their 6.
  20. seavixen

    Torrid's new extended sizing!

    For anyone who might not know (and I'm sorry if it's been mentioned and I didn't see it), Torrid's now going significantly bigger with a lot of their clothing. They introduced a size 5/5X quite a while back, but now they go to a 6/6X, which is generously sized at 66-70" bust, 60-64" waist, and...