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    Physical & Mental Health During COVID-19

    How do you look after your physical & mental health during COVID-19?
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    Sleeve gastrectomy

    Sleeve gastrectomy is becoming a more popular weight loss surgery. People who undergo it lose about 40% of their extra weight. What are the short-term and long-term complications from having weight loss surgery?
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    How would you know if a man is having a depression? Women are more emotionally expressive than men. I'm asking because my younger brother just broke up with his girlfriend. He found out that Maya (her GF) has been dating another man. He asked her to choose between the two of them but sadly, the...
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    Favorite Healthy Drink

    I have started to incorporate some healthy drink into my diet. I find it hard to take 8 glasses of water every day so I tried to add some varieties. I have lemon with mint and sometimes I add a teaspoon of honey. I also combine melon and water without sugar. Lemon and cucumber is a great mixture...
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    I can't maintain a job because of anxiety and depression.

    I don't know how to deal with this anymore. Having depression and anxiety at the same time sucks. Just a week ago, I started not to go back to work. I know how important my jobs are but I can't maintain the motivation to keep going. Please help me. I want to get better and live normally again. :(
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    Trouble finding clothing for husband...

    I'm planning a sexy, romantic date with my husband within the next couple of weeks. The problem is - I'm struggling to find a suit that will fit him properly. He is big and he is also tall. I don't want to embarrass him or anything like that! Please help a sister out - let me know where you guys...
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    Tag Management - Does it help?

    Our recent telecom expenses ballooned up to an amount that is not within our budget and the person in charge of this is taking all the blame. To avoid this our manager decided to implement telecom lifecycle management and he is asking me to study it first before implementing it. I know this is...
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    Getting a Loan

    Does anyone know the difference between a regular bank and a credit union? I've tried reading about it, but I was probably too hungry when I was reading that it did not sink in and still has not - I need some extra cash to pay off my car and I am thinking of taking out a loan :(
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    Have you ever ...

    More of a rant. Have you ever trained people to do a job ... you know it can be done ... you've done it before and someone else has done it before ... but new hires now just can't get it? One of my tasks that I need to delegate is to enter customer data into a database - we are migrating...
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    Question About Web Security

    We have a new website and we're looking for a web security scanner. My question is with a web security scan, is my web application 100% secure? and what is the difference between web security scan and other security services?
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    looking for an online store for cocktail dresses or gowns

    Anybody here can recommend an online store that offers plus size gowns and cocktail dresses? I am currently out on a business trip and i don't have time to shop, i need the dress in 2 weeks. please do recommend a store that offers credit cardor paypal payment. By the way, is it safe to use apple...
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    Saving Energy?

    Finding ways to reduce costs of our energy consumption is really stressful. Doing this without compromising work processes makes it more difficult. I'm in charge of this in the company that I'm working for and we have done everything from metering our consumption, changing ineffective tools...