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    Has There Ever Been a FA/BBW Couple Pic Thread?

    I'm the only big girl my boyfriend of almost two years has dated (I'm so happy that I can finally post here, never thought I would be able to) and he doesn't consider himself an FA as much as a LA--a Laura Admirer :smitten:--but he says now that if something were to happen to us, that he...
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    RIP CastingPearls

    Before her Facebook page was deleted, one of her family members posted that her cats, Wonton and Lotus, were being taken care of by family. I'm so thankful to hear that they didn't have to go to a shelter, because Lainey loved those cats more than life.
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    Rest in Peace Elaine (CastingPearls)

    She was one of the reasons I finally grew to love myself for who I was. Her positivity in light of the heavy things she went through was beautiful and inspiring and the things she wrote and said were among the most poignant I've ever read or heard. The world lost a big, shining light.
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    2013 Singles Palooza

    I'm psyched that I can join the Singles Palooza 2013 instead of just checking in on the singles page. Much more fun. Maybe this is my year to get out of here. Who knows.
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    BBW Confessions thread

    IC... last year I was toying with the idea, but this year... I've entered the Miss Plus America pageant for my state! PM me and I'll send you a Facebook link to support me... I'll also post links to vote for Covergirl competition and stuff when the time comes. I'm super pumped. :bounce: :happy:
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    Hitting on the opposite sex...

    I guess you can sign me up for that club too... except recently, dude who they were leading me to believe was into me was actually attracted to me (he told me rudely, to my face, that he wasn't back then and it devastated me and left me no longer trusting men) at least enough to proposition me...
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    BBW Confessions thread

    For the first time in years, I have a new crush and it feels awesome and distracting and wonderful. I've missed feeling giddy and getting dolled up for class to flirt with a cute guy. It might be a futile crush, but I'm going to have fun anyway. Besides, life's too short not to flirt with cute...
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    BBW Confessions thread

    I've noticed this as well. If I'm good enough to bang, I'm good enough for you to take me out in public, let me meet your friends and your parents, and introduce as your girlfriend. If you feel otherwise, I don't date boys, I date men. It's sad though, because finding a "man" is so hard.
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    BBW Confessions thread

    IC I went to my first BBW event last night and brought a date because I was scared to go alone. After I got there, I wished that I hadn't. It would've been more fun--it was still fun, don't get me wrong--it would've been nice to mingle and get hit on by the cute guys there. :D
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    restaurants for big people

    My dad is 6'2" and almost 400 pounds. Most of it is in his stomach, so restaurant seating can be a big issue. We can do booths at restaurants where either the seat back (the actual booth part) or tables at the booth can move. I'm pretty sure at the O'Charley's around these parts the tables at...
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    OkTrends: Fat People, Skinny People, and Sex Drive

    I always put myself as "Used Up" because I didn't think any of the other terms applied to me either--not that used up does! I figured maybe it would make a guy with a sense of humor laugh. I, personally, would love a "fat" option. No euphemisms. It's what I am, yo.
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    BBW Confessions thread

    I feel the same way, Carla. It's really hard for me sometimes. I am a substitute teacher and the other day I had a fifth grader look me dead in the eye after meeting me five seconds earlier and say, "You're really pretty." Of course, I responded, "Aww, thank you!" but inside I was like... is she...
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    BBW Confessions thread

    I am over... OVER guys pretending to be interested in a relationship, then when I don't immediately jump into bed, they claim that they just "aren't ready for a relationship right now." When will I find someone who is interested in more than just having sex with me? I'm pretty bangable but I'm...
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    BBW Confessions thread

    Bad news bears... they closed registration early. BUT... I'm entered for next year. Prelims start in July and I totally plan on chronicling my journey on my personal page. More information about that will be forthcoming. Have I ever confessed how much I love this community and the support you...
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    BBW Confessions thread

    I'M DOING IT! Thanks for the support... I'll keep you all posted even if you don't want me to, lol. :D
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    BBW Confessions thread

    IC that I'm seriously considering entering the Miss Plus America pageant for my state. I've always wanted to do a pageant... decisions.
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    The numbers and shame game

    I just had this same thing happen to me, Casting. A guy was like, "Why are you calling yourself a BBW?" My response, of course, was that I am big and beautiful and a woman, so it seems to fit. He followed with, "But you don't look fat!" I responded, "Well, I'm currently bouncing...
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    Tornado Damage? Dimmer Roll Call!

    From central Kentucky, came out unscathed. I know friends who had their whole towns demolished. It's heartbreaking.
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    2012 Singles Thread

    I have a date tomorrow! :shocked:
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    Time to Fight Back

    I donated a little bit to the cause. I'm tight on funds right now, but Georgia's kids need that money more than I need the new iPod I'm saving up for (dollar by dollar, it's been an arduous process). So iPod is postponed for now.