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    BBW Sisters

    Huzzah! Resurrexit sicut dixit! Welcome back buddy.
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    BBW Sisters

    Ah, dear Picasso. You are so very welcome back. I always enjoyed your stories before, and was so thrilled to see you return. I wonder, do you have your DA account active? Beyond anything else, congratulations on coming back. Hope everything is going great these days.
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    A Southern Story

    You've been at this particular story for a good while, and I thought you deserved to hear that it's very enjoyable. Your dedication is appreciated, and I think you should be pleased with what you've produced so far. Thanks for all the work you've put into it.
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    BBW Something's Gotta Give - by StrugglingWriter (~BBW, ~XWG)

    This story has been a lot of fun from its inception. I thought you deserved to hear that you're putting together a really enjoyable little narrative. Keep up the good work!
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    Conditioning - by elroycohen (~BBW, ~~WG, Feeding)

    As ever, continues to be excellent. Keep it up! I've seen a fair selection of your stories, and don't remember ever being disappointed! All the very best.
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    Georgia - by O. Welles (~~WG, Both)

    As yet it seems to be a nice little piece of writing. You've got an interesting dynamic set up for the family, and I think it has a lot of potential!
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    Expanding Horizons - (~BBW, ~SMG, Illustrated)

    Samster, you continue to write pieces that are a pleasure to read. Your characters have depth, your dialogues and interior monologues are entertaining, and above all you have excellent description. More than anything else, your work is just a really good read. Keep up the good work.
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    Blame Picasso's Extended Absence

    You are certainly and utterly in the right with your priorities. It only speaks futher to your excellent character that you would think to keep those of us on the forum updated. All my best wishes.
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    Melting the Spartan - by Petite09 (~BBW, Historical Fiction--Ancient Greece ~SWG )

    A little novel in its setting, and well-written overall. I enjoyed what was here, and especially consider the use of the thought processes of both (major)characters to be an excellent device. The only suggestion I have is perhaps more descriptive imagery. But that is a very small recommendation...
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    Thank you very much for your kind attention.
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    Whatever happened to the story -sometimes listed as "Wallering"- by FooMan. It seems to have completely disappeared from these boards... any help?
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    Mom's Revenge by ~Max~ (~BBW, Feeding, Revenge ~SWG)

    This story is from a heck of a long time ago! If I remember correctly, there was a second potential ending added to it later. It's a good pull from the archives.
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    Con-Man by Mac5689 - ~BBW, WG Drugs, ~MWG

    I'd be interested in your other stories, or at least the site where you posted them. I liked this story fairly well, although you were right in your self-commentary. The first, more descriptive, half is the superior. If felt a little rushed as you went on. But overall, a very good job, Mac.