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    My Fat Attraction!!!

    My fat attraction is more like I don’t find thin women sexually attractive at all. I used to be “in the closet”, but now I can be myself, I find larger (ss) women to be super sexy.
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    In Rememberance

    Sad, a beautiful woman. Must admit I visited http://www.catay.com/weekdetail.asp?WeekID=702 On hearing the news and was glad to say, I didn’t see any wall painting until I read the text at the botton.
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    Was he flirting with me or just being friendly?

    In which case, totally ignore him and feel happy that you avoided being blanked. Maybe show him the bird to let him know this.
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    Was he flirting with me or just being friendly?

    Sounds like, if he recognises you and smiles at you, he is interested. Pop over and say Hola to him. He is probably as shy as you are. Nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.
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    Fat sex with a non-FA

    I think all this talk of FA's & non-FA's is probably misleading as it is putting people into boxes in the same way as classing a woman as chubby/bbw/ssbbw. All people are different and like different things. Perhaps concentrating on the relationship rather than how you classify each other is...
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    Giving up

    Blimey, what are you feeling shame about. Being an FA is purely a preference in the type of women that excite you sexually in the same way that some men like blondes or brunettes. Accept yourself and begin to enjoy relationships with sexually compatible women.