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  1. J

    Our Community Loss - Cindy G.

    Cindy was a beautiful woman, inside and out. Her Flabulous web page and Heather's site were my introduction to the BBW world and led me to Dimensions. My condolences to her family and friends. Jerry
  2. J

    Back from the dead! 2 new vids. ;)

    Still sexy as ever!!! Glad to see you're back
  3. J

    does your partner know about this site?

    Yes, she does
  4. J

    What I would look like at 457.

    That is one great morph of an even greater model:smitten::smitten::smitten:
  5. J

    Your skinniest and fattest pics

    Wow!!!:smitten::smitten: Just gorgeous
  6. J

    Your skinniest and fattest pics

    Very nice Maddie! :smitten: Love the Marilyn Manson shirt too.
  7. J

    One of our babies is very sick :(

    Good thoughts and a speedy recovery for Pearlie:)
  8. J

    My weight Gain Over 60 pounds ++

    You were gorgeous then, even more beautiful now.:smitten::smitten::smitten: Jerry
  9. J

    Fat Girl Belly Rub

    Vermillion, you're a doll!!!:smitten::eat2::smitten: Very sexy Jerry
  10. J

    Show off your best/cutest/largest dimples!

    WOW!!! That is one beautiful sexy leg.:smitten:
  11. J

    Holy wow, fat youtube fame?

    Hi Aurora, you sure are a beautiful girl. Don't let the negative comments get to you. I can see all your videos, except the big belly one that started all this, did you disable that one? Jerry
  12. J

    Top 3 Sexiest Fat Babes - Who and Why?

    All the women here are gorgeous, but if I had to pick my top 3 it would be 1st -- Heather Boyle (a long time ago I stumbled upon her old site and was taken aback by her beauty, and kind of introduced to a new world of BBW's and FA's where it was okay to be fat and to like fat women. -- I...
  13. J

    What famous woman would you want to fatten?

    Carmen Electra