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    Harley and Ivy: The Problem with Pies (~BBW (Mult), Intrigue, Revenge, Stuffing,~XWG)

    ~BBW (Muliple), Intrigue, Stuffing, Revenge ~XWG - two super villianesses wreak vengence on an adversary Harley and Ivy: the Problem with Pies by Crinos and TehPinkelephants. [Editor’s note: over in Deviant Arts this tale lay unfinished after four years and four chapters; it was then...
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    Sweeter Disposition by Crinos (~BBW/~BHM, Magic, Personality Alteration, ~SWG)

    ~BBW/~BHM, Magic, Personality Alteration, ~SWG -A nasty girlfriend gets a body and attitude adjustment courtesy of a special milkshake). [Author's note: Hi everyone, first time poster, long time reader. Here is a story that I wrote as a commission for Deviantart. I'd like some constructive...