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  1. K

    So I have an interesting situation

    The story starts like many of the topics that I've seen before. There's this girl I went out with, and as I'm sure you've heard a million times before, she thinks she's too fat. She'll be 22 on the 26th, and is a size 20. She's been heavy most of her life, though she has lost 60 pounds...
  2. K

    Anyone know what story this is from?

    She looked down, and there it was, mocking her, a pale bulge of skin, peeking out over her jeans and out from under her shirt, standing out in the daylight. Her mother would go ballistic. She pulled her tight black sweater down and over in a futile attempt to at least momentarily disguises it...
  3. K

    Schauffenland *joins ranks of people looking for a story*

    Anyone know of a story called schauffenland? I don't think the spelling is right, due to nothing showing up on a google search.