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    BHM Looking for a Story

    Don't remember the exact details, but I'll try my best to describe what I can. The story was hosted either here or on Fantasy Feeder. It started off with an overweight business man going to some foreign country overseas (It was like India, Bulgaria, or somewhere similar) to help develop his...
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    Looking Single, mature 20s Male Feedee Looking for Love & a Female Feeder or Mutual Gainer

    Well since this thread has been implemented I may as well try my luck here. Hello everyone! I'm a shy chubby guy just starting out gaining. I'm a quiet, kind person looking for a longterm relationship with a feeder or mutual gainer. Perferably somewhere in between 20-30 and in the US. But I'm...
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    BOTH I was curious if anyone has written a story involving Thor?

    Especially since Endgame has been out for a while, I'm surprised that I haven't seen really any weight gain stories involving him. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? Has anyone found or written some weight gain or feederism related stories about the character?
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    Best Way/Place for Medium-Term Casual Fetish Hook-up?

    Hello everyone. So, I'll freely yet reluctantly admit that I've just had no luck in the dating scene. Despite that though, I sort of desperately would like to try to live out becoming a BHM feedee. But I'd like to do so as safely as possible and over a decent period of time so that I get a feel...
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    BHM BHM & FFA/Female Feeder Story Reccomendations?

    Hello all. I've been on the hunt for some stories involving BHMs and Female Feeders lately. Does anyone have any reccomendations, be it a story on this site or another? Mainly what I'm looking for I suppose are stories similar to Coyote Wild's excellent "Then and Now" piece, but with more of...
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    Need help tracking down a story

    The title was "It's Time for Your Shake" I believe. Anyone know where I could find it? Also, been away a while and out of the loop; what happened to The Library?
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    Looking for a Story, but also want to spark discussion

    Hey all. I was wondering if you've read any stories (or your first story that interested you?) That, looking back, probably weren't the best but they still stayed with you? Though not the first story that gained my interest into FA and Weight Gain fetish fiction, there's this one story that I...
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    Any stories with secretive/supernatural elements?

    For example, a woman being secretly fattened by a cult?
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    Any Stories with indirect gains?

    Are there any good stories out there where the main character gains weight from their job or magic or just some outside force?
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    Looking for Any Stories that involve...?

    A woman getting fattened up by her job or someone higher up for a seemingly devious purpose? Or just BBW SSBBW XWG stories where the fattening seems to be done with other intentions than what is seen on the surface? I know this may be a hard concept to grasp, as I can barely even explain it...
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    Need help finding a story

    Said story was about a woman who spent several monthez being pampered like a goddess after "winning" a trip. If I recall correctly, I think the title was "More than a vacation"
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    Need Help Looking for a Story

    I recall that it was a classic culinary teacher & her female assisstant type story. I honestly dkn't remember for the life of me what the title was, or who it was written by. However I do remember that it started off with the bbw culinary teacher, and the principal had just come iut of a meeting...