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  1. bodaciousroxxie


    A frequenter on dims, and my cousin, passed away last night. I know he had a few friends here so I wanted to let everyone know.
  2. bodaciousroxxie

    fat-forums.com harmful?

    Fat Forums is a porn board, not a fat acceptance board.
  3. bodaciousroxxie

    Have you ever been bribed to lose weight?

    My parents have been trying to bribe me since i was a chunky pre-teen, always with money and promises of a whole new, "normal sized" wardrobe. Their last attempt was a few months ago, offering me $5 per pound lost. It hasn't worked yet. They've also offered to pay for weight loss surgery, gym...
  4. bodaciousroxxie

    Guys Who Like Fat Chicks: Village Voice Article

    Wrong. The video that circulated the net, and got fat chicks hopes up, clearly stated that he banged a fat girl as a dare from his buddies, but that it wasn't all that bad. All of this does not a BBW admirer make.
  5. bodaciousroxxie

    Guys Who Like Fat Chicks: Village Voice Article

    blah, blah, blah, angry fat women, blah, blah, objectification, blah. this is what i've taken from this thread. the article, on the other hand, with a few anonymous exceptions, was great.
  6. bodaciousroxxie

    Do you get annoyed when your partner can't do something because they are fat?

    This is something i will never understand, if a man is attracted to a fat women he has to accept all that comes with that. An ex boyfriend once told me he couldn't handle a "special needs" girlfriend, and that he didn't like that i couldn't ride a roller coaster or fit into concert and movie...
  7. bodaciousroxxie

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    When You Were Young by The Killers.
  8. bodaciousroxxie

    Happy Birthday Samuraiscott

    I'm late, but Happy Birthday, cousin :)
  9. bodaciousroxxie

    Facebook, anyone?

    I just created one! Add me! http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100001251526377&v=wall
  10. bodaciousroxxie

    When FAs Miss the Mark

    I'm not bashing anyone, brother. Just sharing stories.
  11. bodaciousroxxie

    Jamie Foxx tells Kirstie Alley not to worry about weight

    I follow Kirstie on Twitter, and she always hints to having a relationship with Mr. Foxx (lucky bitch).
  12. bodaciousroxxie

    When FAs Miss the Mark

    And on that note, i ALSO hate it when FA's underestimate my ability to actually move lol. i've dated so many guys that just wanted to stay at home and not actually do anything fun because they thought i wouldn't be able to handle it. I may be a fatty, but i know how to use my legs.
  13. bodaciousroxxie

    When FAs Miss the Mark

    Some guy's just don't know how to date big girls, lol. I once dated this guy who would always take me to the same movie theatre, the seats were WAY too small for my behind, which was a little painful. So one day i decided to suggest a different theatre, and told him why. He got all pissy and...
  14. bodaciousroxxie

    FA Films?

    to those of you that think 'Shallow Hal' has ANYTHING to do with fat acceptance, SHAME ON YOU. the whole movie is a joke, and makes a joke out of fat people. the message isn't positive, it just says, "so what if she's a big fat fatty? at least she's got a good personality." which in no way is...
  15. bodaciousroxxie

    Over 300lbs is considered a handicap in some bathrooms

    I always use the handicapped stall anyhow, the regular stalls are much too cramped.
  16. bodaciousroxxie

    Dims member(s?) on Tyra show Monday 3/16 - trainwreck?

    i just got a little wet.
  17. bodaciousroxxie

    Dims member(s?) on Tyra show Monday 3/16 - trainwreck?

    it seems as if donna went on the show expecting everyone to accept that she wants to be 1,000 pounds and that she thinks "moving is overrated" (that's a direct quote from the star herself). i mean, she HAS to have more common sense than that, right? i have to say, my favorite part (besides the...
  18. bodaciousroxxie

    Dims member(s?) on Tyra show Monday 3/16 - trainwreck?

    just got done watching the show. and this was my expression 99% of the time. me being a feedee to some extent, i have no problem with Donna in that aspect. but it just kind of sucks that the producers had to find one of the most EXTREME and rare cases in the feederism world to broadcast to...