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  1. LinathSuru

    Health Insurance & Medical 'Tests'

    More U.S. employers tie health insurance to medical tests - Julie Appleby, Kaiser Health News. So the 'medical test' for obesity is presumably stepping on a scale so the doctor can calculate your BMI, right? I wonder if they penalize the anorexic. And I misread 'specific medical-based...
  2. LinathSuru

    Feeder/Feedee Thread

    The title 'Feeder Thread' is what I originally read when I first saw the thread 'Feeder Threat'. Clearly I misread it... But... I think this is a thread worth having. I get that there's a lot of stigma against 'secret Feeders' and I understand why, but I think a lot of people don't really...
  3. LinathSuru

    Toxic Work Environment

    I've mentioned before in my youtube videos that I'm working in a very conservative office, but my office is a lot of other things too. We have six employees. Of the six I'm the newest one brought on as of almost three years ago (May makes three years). One of my coworkers is mildly racist...
  4. LinathSuru

    Sharing Something Cool

    I just thought since this has to do with Dimensions Magazine that I should share it here. Recently, via the Dimensions Market Place boards, I was able to acquire a special surprise for my wonderful BHM/FA. Huge shout out to SuziQ for being very accommodating to my schedule and for being just...
  5. LinathSuru

    Divinity Cake - by LinathSuru (~BBW, ~FA, Erotica, Eating, Feeding ~XWG)

    ~BBW, ~~FA, Erotica, Eating, Feeding, ~XWG - A story about a woman who finally lets go... [Author's Note: This story has what I would consider a gradual build up so far as the WG and plot is concerned. It is one I wrote originally for fantasyfeeder and that I have also shared on fetlife and...