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  1. AnotherJessica

    Frustrated about my gynecology appointment today

    So I went to my annual gynecology appointment at a local Planned Parenthood and one of the FIRST things that she says when she says is "We need to talk about something that you aren't going to be happy about". Take a wild guess what it was about? My weight, of course. I don't have any problems...
  2. AnotherJessica

    long distance relationships...

    I guess I need input from anybody that has any on the subject of long distance relationships. I began a relationship but due to schedules and distance, it's very rare that we get to see each other. I have been feeling as though I am losing interest but I can't be sure if that's just because a...
  3. AnotherJessica

    need help for what to wear to a wedding

    I am going to a wedding soon and I never dress up so I have absolutely no clue what to where or where to look. Any suggestions? I'm not sure what would look OK for a wedding. Any advice would be appreciated!!!
  4. AnotherJessica

    Old Navy sale

    Old Navy is having a sale but today is the last day for it. It's 20% off plus free shipping. I bought a pair of pants and two shirts and it was only $46. I would have posted this sooner but I just found out about it!
  5. AnotherJessica


    So I just signed up on this website called she speaks. You sign up, select different interests and they apparently send you products to test. Has anybody heard of it or is anybody on it? What do you think of it?
  6. AnotherJessica

    Avenue rigid jeans

    I was really happy to finally find a pair of jeans that were 100% cotton however I have a really rather large butt and found that the jeans came down a lot lower in that area than I would have liked. Has anybody else had that experience with these jeans??? What do you all thing about them?