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  1. JayDanger

    Jay Danger's Superdeedooper Picture Thread.

    So I have some pics of me doing my thing. I thought I'd post some of them for you. If you ladies would like some more, let me know :) This one is me rapping These are me playing guitar live enjoy :)
  2. JayDanger

    Show us your habitat!

    Okay, not literally habitat. But this is a thread for people to share pictures of where they spend a lot of time. It could be a picture of your room, desk, non-identifying picture of your workplace, work shop, studio, etc. etc. I'll start this one off. This is a picture of where I spend about...
  3. JayDanger

    A thread for artistic/creative people to shamelessly self-promote!!!!

    So, I gotta believe that there are a number of creative people here with websites/samples. Let's all post our stuff here to share! I'll go first. I'm in a band called Slowmotionnoise. We're currently in the studio working on our first official release, but we've been around on the internet...