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  1. baron20

    'Minor' BHM health problems

    Before I get to far into this post I would like to start by saying that I LOVE being a BHM. And that I realize this is a site devoted to the love and admiring of fat men. With that being said there are a few 'issues' that come up when you start to pack on the pounds, I'm 5'11" and 435lbs...
  2. baron20

    More Questions about BHM Jobs

    Hello again everyone, I would like to ask a question of anyone who has taken post secondary courses for computers. I am looking to see what courses to take, I would like to do a at home course, just to see if I'm smart enough and then take it from there. I believe i'm more interested in the...
  3. baron20

    Jobs for BHM's

    Hello all! I just thought I wouls ask all the BHm's out there what kind of job they do, and how they like it. I have been having trouble finding a job myself and I'm sure its partly due to my wieght. I love being my size but I feel its holding me back. Oh and of course if anyone knows of any...
  4. baron20

    New Guy

    Its always nice to meet people who can apperciate the fat male form. I will post a pic, I hope nudes are ok, as its the only one I have....... Ok change of plans, the pic file size is to big, if you ffa's want to see it then message me. Or if someone can tell me how to shrink the pic let me...