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  1. Moonchild

    OH NOES! They gave the ShamWow guy a new product...

    Why use hot glue when you can use MIGHTY PUTTY!? I'm pretty sure he's Al Borland's evil brother.
  2. Moonchild

    OH NOES! They gave the ShamWow guy a new product...

    I think he's just REALLY EXCITED ABOUT OXYCLEAN. He can barely contain himself.
  3. Moonchild

    This forum...now with more metal!

    I'm on a serious Windir kick right now. I'm most of the way through their discography (I've got all full-lengths and one demo) and showing no signs of stopping. Will probably start over from the beginning when I'm done. Or maybe that's when the Vreid kick will begin.
  4. Moonchild

    This forum...now with more metal!

    HAIL HORROR HAIL! The one they're working on now is gonna kick ass: http://www.metalsucks.net/2009/01/26/exclusive-in-studio-report-from-sighs-mirai-kawashima-part-i-this-is-hell-this-is-war-this-is-death/
  5. Moonchild

    2009 Singles Thread

    I'm single as of last week for the first time in two years and four months. I think it's in my best interest to stay single for a while, even though I equally don't want to.
  6. Moonchild

    This forum...now with more metal!

    Origin is awesome. In my opinion, most other bands that play a similar style, while I have to respect their amazing technical skills, are actually pretty boring. Antithesis is one of the only albums that reaches that level of brutality that doesn't put me to sleep. :D Currently in constant...
  7. Moonchild

    Movies that SHOULDN'T Make you Cry, but do.

    There really aren't any movies that make me cry, but the South Park movie comes damn close at the end when Kenny sacrifices himself.
  8. Moonchild

    The Fetish Roadmap

    Pie Play? That sounds delicious and like something that sould be connected to weight gain.
  9. Moonchild

    Author: FA's Make Me Want To Be Thin

    There are a lot of freaking posts in this thread so I'm sure I'm repeating something. I read the first and last page but that's it... I think objectifying is an inescapable part of humanity. I think my girlfriend (who happens to be thin, for the record) is gorgeous and I tell her that all the...
  10. Moonchild

    cool weight gain comic

    Yeah, I agree with Dennis. It's a cartoon, and with that comes some forgiveness in the realism department. I don't think it's intended to be a "weight gain comic," but rather a comic that incorporates some weight gain-related themes for the sake of humor. I'm not too worried about a conclusion...
  11. Moonchild

    Calling All Artists

    I should have just posted instead of asking first. Apparently my Windows XP noticed that I was running searches on how to dual-boot Linux and decided it couldn't bear to be second best, so yesterday morning it committed suicide and took my whole hard drive with it. I'm now running Linux Ubuntu...
  12. Moonchild

    Calling All Artists

    Would anyone be interested at all in my 3D, non-BBW, entirely non-fat-related stuff? I've been screwing around with Blender, an open-source freeware 3d modeling, rendering, and animating program, and I'm in the beginning stages of not sucking. I actually have a BBW-related project in mind but...
  13. Moonchild

    Plumper & Other Categories

    I'm kind of inclined to believe that this distiction is even more relative and less important than whether or not Pluto is a planet. They're just words, not an exclusive club with qualifications to be met. My personal rule of thumb is to file someone under the same thing she considers...
  14. Moonchild

    Mr. FA goes to the shrink

    If your shrink puts unnecessary focus on you being an FA then s/he's not doing the job correctly. And besides, the thing about therapists is, no matter what you tell them, they have heard MUCH more weird.
  15. Moonchild

    Your Signature

    I love burgers, nachos, and Ninja Turtles.
  16. Moonchild

    Halloween Photo Thread!

    I know it's not the same without all four, and I know we're in costume anyway so you can't see us, but I don't really feel comfortable posting a picture with my suitemates as well, so you just get me.
  17. Moonchild

    22 pounds . . . .

    Heh. I'm probably the only one here who trick-or-treated myself. I got probably less than 1/8th of a pillowcase full, but for me it's about dressing up, not the candy. The candy helps though. I was disappointed, however, by how many fewer Take 5s I got than last year. 22 pounds of candy is...
  18. Moonchild

    Who are you currently listening to?

    At this very moment, Helloween - "Push" from the "Better than Raw" album. I'm on a little bit of a power metal kick. Last week it was death metal. My roommate can't stand death metal vocals, so I don't play much (not that he says anything, but I'm, you know, not a complete asshole). But...
  19. Moonchild

    Weird Crushes

    Janeane Garofalo. If she put on weight, I don't know what I'd do. And she's a New Jersey native. I'm biased in favor of people from here.
  20. Moonchild

    Seeking advice...

    If he's like me, he says stupid stuff without realizing it. It's likely the smallest of deals. He'll say "Oops, my bad," and it'll never happen again. You don't need to approach him very seriously in my opinion, I'd just tell him to cut it out.