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  1. panhype

    RIP Lee Hazlewood

    Lee Hazlewood is one of the most iconographic figures of (at least) the American music history. Even in his huge pop successes, his duets with Nancy Sinatra, he shined out with his amazing distinctiveness, as a song writer, producer and vocalist. Lee always remained Lee. "Summer Wine" is my...
  2. panhype

    streo exploision [Retarded YouTube Vids Thread]

    Are there more? :D:D Show me :) Here's one. Ouch.. http://youtube.com/watch?v=PnUC2ejczQw
  3. panhype

    The Curry thread (step-by-step)

    Ok, i'm adding a step-by-step recipe but i would appreciate more recipes been posted :) After i saw Indian recipes requested here's my Curry Chicken, i have this recipe for years now. It's pretty simple to do. I have no idea though how difficult it is for you to get these spices, you...
  4. panhype

    Ali G / Borat becoming a huge success in the US

    I love da man ! Borat, the mockumentary about the fake Kazakhstan journalist whom his government sent to the "US and A" in order to "learn a lessons", hit the American cinemas this weekend. And instantly went on top of the movies charts with tickets sold worth $26.4 million. The funny thing is...
  5. panhype

    Hasselhoff slaughters Classic

    Hasselhoff? That name sounds familiar, right? In 1975 had Chris Spedding - a session musician on countless productions/some call him the most complete guitarist ever - his minor claim to fame. With "Motorbikin" and "Jump in my Car". Both were Top 20 entries and are huge classics. In 2006...