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  1. MistahSmooth_CT

    Just wanted to say

    Hey Folks, I didn't know where to put it, but I have to say it.... Merry Christmas!!!
  2. MistahSmooth_CT

    On the edge of 30

    Wow... Another few months, I'll be the big 3-0. I can't believe that three decades of my life has gone by. Feris Bueller was right: Live moves pretty fast. Does anyone else feel that way?
  3. MistahSmooth_CT

    Other MMORPG's?

    Ok... we have established that there are Many people that are in a guild in WoW, but I was wondering, are there any other people that play other MMORPG's? Like DC Universe Online, Runescape, etc.?
  4. MistahSmooth_CT

    Amateur Radio Operators

    Just out of curiosity, I am a president of an Amateur Radio Club here in RI at my school. Just out of curiosity, is there anyone that is a Amateur Radio Operator? Aubrey
  5. MistahSmooth_CT

    Happy July 4th Everyone!

    Just wanted to say to everyone, and all my friends on here... Happy July 4th!!!
  6. MistahSmooth_CT

    Since we are talking about Games online..

    Ok.. since the World of Warcraft post.. i have decided to let you all in on a new online game.. that's been out for awhile... it's called Second Life. It's unconventional than most RPG's because it's based on real life. You can actually design real world stuff in there, and honestly, there is a...
  7. MistahSmooth_CT

    My day at work

    Good lord, it must have been pear-shaped goddess night at my job! Now, I work at a family fun center at Foxwoods (laymans terms: arcade). Now.. I know what you all are thinkin: he's checking out the youngins.. I am like... NO! Inside and outside of my workspace.. I see BBW's, and even get the...
  8. MistahSmooth_CT

    New Forum, time to come out the shadows.

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, BBW's and luscious SSBBW's alike,... I have been in the shadows of the forums.. I have read these forums and stories of old, and this site grew me into coming out of the preverbial closet as to accepting that I am a true FA. But, I could only chat in the chatrooms...