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  1. atcAlan

    Looking for a Story

    I think it was called Marrige Counseling or something along that line. Wife notices husband is always distracted by women with big breast, husband is jealous of wife getting attention from other men. They go to a counselor who gives them a potion to drink before bed. In the morning wife wakes...
  2. atcAlan

    Looking for a Story

    Looking for an old story, I think the title was Katie. Involved a guy who moves to small town Georgia because he is tired of all the girls from the city being thin. Finds the daughter of two large parents who run a BBQ restaurant. The father helps him fatten her up with a WG formula he used...
  3. atcAlan

    Looking for a story

    I can't remember the name but I read it a couple years ago. Basic premise is a woman gets sent to a small town to work for about six months. While there the big women in the town get her to start eating all of the fattening Southern foods. Meanwhile she gets the feeling that a co worker back at...
  4. atcAlan

    Looking for a story

    Looking for a story that dropped off recent. Additions about a couple that goes to a therapist who gives them a pill to take at bedtime. The nextmorning the wife wakes up huge and the husband loves it.
  5. atcAlan

    What happened to the Story Hotel New Orleans

    I went to read the latest installment and it has been removed.
  6. atcAlan

    Sizable Family Secret (~BBW, Romance, Fantasy, ~sex )

    BBW, Romance, Fantasy, sex - of an explosive sercret they don't cover in school. This is a fantasy story that has been rattling around my head for years. I finally took the time to write it out. Enjoy Sizable Family Secret By AlanFA Sheryl had a sizable family secret that she had...