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  1. rubens_feeder

    Feeders and feedees going to the Las Vegas BBW bash soon

    The BBW Bash is coming up fast, I would like to connect with fellow feeders and feedees at the bash. My long term goal is to create a community of feeders and feedees that socialize, know each other and create a support structure, so that you can find somebody to talk to, somebody that “gets...
  2. rubens_feeder

    cannot submit link to dimensions....

    Hi I am trying to submit a link to my website (in the weight gain section) and the funky e-mail that gets composed in my e-mail client gets rejected by dimensions mail server. How to properly submit a link? Thanks Markus
  3. rubens_feeder

    Las Vegas BBW bash: for feeders and feedees

    Hi How about the following idea, for all you feeders and feedees that will go to the Las Vegas BBW bash shortly: We could wear a recognition mark, that looks innocently to others, but make us recognize eachother. I know that feeders and feedees get still very discriminated. I just had a...