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    How Much...

    When weighed last week was 383.:eat1:
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    Attached or looking?

    Not attached yet but, have found what I have been looking for.;)
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    You know your a BHM when??

    When you are in your car you cough and, your belly honks the horn.
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    What A beautiful return it is.:wubu:
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    Where to find a female feeder?

    They can be closer than you think. Keep your eyes open or you might miss the little hints thrown your way.
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    Super Supersize Her.

    You both are correct in saying that I need to wait, give her some time to heal. I know it may seem selfish to be happy that she ended her relationship but, it is hard seeing someone taking for granted. For someone to have something so good and not appreciate it. There are others like myself who...
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    Super Supersize Her.

    Well, from what I was told, it was mutual.They grew apart and, were just ready to let go. I had my own suspicion, that he did not really love her and, was not in it for the long haul. He was just waiting for someone better to come along, or had someone else all along. Well, she knows, I've...
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    My Fat GF is getting even bigger and i love it!

    Hope to be as lucky as you are one day.:)
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    Super Supersize Her.

    I started this post months ago and, so much has happened that I thought I had update it. I have grown so close to her over the months that, we can finish one another sentences and thoughts. Over the summer while hanging with friends we would eat out often. She gained then lost after being...
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    Dating a single mom?

    I have a two part question here,that I wanted others input on.While having a talk with a few coworkers at work yesterday,the subject of dating women that already had children came up. I am not against dating women who do have children from a previous relationship but,a few of my coworkers...
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    Has anyone seen this guys show?

    I watched him once because a friend told me to and, I've been hooked since.;)
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    Am I crazy?

    You are correct, in saying it's not easy watching friends or family make bad decisions.I just hope she will make better ones.I will be there for her, to the end just hope so will he.I see her as a good person, that deserves to be treated right.I will be her shoulder to lean on when she needs me.
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    Am I crazy?

    I can usually hold my composure but, yesterday was one of those days I just could not.My female friend who happens to be a diabetic was not feeling to well after unexpectedly being out overnight with out her diabetic medication.That had me upset with her but, what really pissed me off is that...
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    Super Supersize Her.

    Yes,I agree it would be.I might ask her more this weekend, when we all get together upstate.I want to know more first before I tell her so, she doesn't take it the wrong way or get scared off.
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    Super Supersize Her.

    I was told once the best relationships started as friends.Who can say what will happen between she and I down the line.
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    Super Supersize Her.

    Yes, it was a nice touch,I can tell by her expression she really liked the flowers.Well she wants to go upstate next week to relax for a day or two.If she is not able to go with anyone I, would not mind taking her and waiting on her hand and foot.
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    Super Supersize Her.

    Yes I did get the flowers.You were right,she said she loved them.It had been a while since she had been given any and, she really liked them.
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    Super Supersize Her.

    Thanks, things went well, I would not say romantic but fun.
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    Super Supersize Her.

    A bunch of us were hanging out watching tv when the Queen Latifah commercial for Jenny Craig came on. She said she didn't understand how she could do it. I stated maybe she wasn't happy with her body, which she than stated she loves her big soft body. She jokingly grabbed her side roll and...
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