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    Aspiring BBW Fetish Model Gorging Herself to Gain 200 Pounds

    Not all of us just say things for the fans. Some of us were into gaining and our weight before we knew it was a 'thing' that was out there.
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    Being a bbw without the right..curves???

    I'm here to join it itty-bitty-titty and flat-booty club!
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    My Weight Gain!

    You guys are all awesome! I will try to dig up more :)
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    Things we break :)

    Broke my boyfriends scale the other day and my friend Jackie's scale the other week! Too nervous too tell my boyfriend though. Poor thing is going to think he did it.
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    My Weight Gain!

    rastic! I love being f
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    My Weight Gain!

    gh my old CD's and
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    Before And After!!!

    You are gorgeous, girl!
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    How did you become so fat?

    Eating and doing EXACTLY what I want! No complaints :)
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    What Are You EATING right now?

    I just finished eating, like, a half dozen fudgesicles. MMM. I love 'em even in the dead of winter!
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    What are you wearing right now?

    The cutest black sweater dress from asos curve! Courtesy of my lovely friend Jackie. :)
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    Makeup Tips and Ideas!

    [IMG][/IMG I threw together a mermaid look the other night! Thank goodness for bright eyeshadows!
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