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    OK Cupid

    I've also never had any luck with any other dating sites except -- I only get messages from scammers. And is no success story, but at least I have met a whopping two people there since I joined in 1996. :rolleyes::doh: The only reason I am still there is I am a "charter...
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    Public Transport

    Here, I would agree with that. But in places where it's hot and humid in the summer and air conditioning is extremely rare, it's just not a reality. Unfortunately. I spent half of the summer of 2006 in Kiev and used the subway (metro) there regularly. It truly was the B&O Railroad. Oh my...
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    Dear Fat Guys

    While the basics SHOULD be followed (wash, be presentable), I think it's a situation where most "normal" people will look for any reason to think/say something badly about a fat guy in any situation that a thin/ordinary guy would get a pass without a thought. 10 years into this "fad" that...
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    Vegas Bash

    Hmm, tech writer. Been interested in breaking into that field, too. Have over 10 years in IT and I am sick of 2am server crashes and answering endless stupid user questions. :p:mad: Thing is, have never had even one callback for an interview despite my IT knowledge and the fact that my BA...
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    Clothing Problem for BHMs?

    Really? Does that mean that stupid fashion trend of super-long cargo-style shorts that has lasted for about a decade is ending? I'm short and I used to like wearing shorts. But since about 2002 I haven't been able to find _any_ shorts that aren't like frigging capri pants on me, so I haven't...
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    Would you date interacially?

    For me, this would never be an issue. I have dated a Japanese woman and a black woman in the past (when I lived in New Jersey and in AZ there isn't so much variety of races). If I ever ended up in a long-term relationship with a woman of another race, my parents would...
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    How do you feel about cosmetics, guys?

    *snicker* Nah, women should have fuller lips than guys; it's part of what makes them women. Besides, I think a guy would look ridiculous with Angelina Jolie lips. :D Nah, I just don't like the feel of something smearing all over me, I don't want to get the stuff all over my face and me...
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    How do you feel about cosmetics, guys?

    I'm another guy that definitely prefers the natural look. The clown face thing is a huge turnoff. In general, if you can notice it, then you're starting to use too much, IMO. Though in general eyeliner and eyeshadow is fine (though I'm not a fan of the colorful stuff -- starts looking clowny...
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    Mutual Attraction?

    I would be receptive to any positive attention/flirtation I received from a woman anywhere. I don't go to bars or clubs so I wouldn't expect the woman to be pulling any sort of gag by flirting with me (to amuse her friends at their table, etc, as I've read on other threads that had happened to...
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    Attached or looking?

    Heh. When I first went to college I was a CS major. After one year of taking programming, I realized that I would rather brush my teeth via my rectum than do that for a living. :eek::doh: So for now I stick with English and Russian, and what shreds of German I haven't forgotten from middle...
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    Facebook anyone?

    Yeah, Mafia Wars is FB crack. :D
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    Do I fit in? Too small for FFA's?

    Don't want to help derail the thread, but I cannot not reply and show my dinosauritude. ;) My first PC (I had other computers before that) was a Turbo AT. Turbo because a normal AT was 8 MHz, but when I flicked the turbo button, it ran at 12.5 MHz! And you know, it WAS noticably faster. :D
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    Facebook anyone?

    Same here, basically. I'm on FB and have managed to link up with folks from various unrelated circles of my past and present life there, so that's been nice. However, this facet of my life is not something I would want to bring into public view of all my other friends because they would be...
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    Do I fit in? Too small for FFA's?

    Yeah, I think we need to use something like BMI or at least waist measurement to get a better idea of what's what. Unless you're talking about numbers of 400+, how big a guy is at a certain weight can vary massively. I'm 225 now and just crept past the 50" waist mark because I'm just 5'3"...
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    Fishing for cookies...

    I like anise cookies. Just the tiniest bit of crunch on the outside, soft inside, with sugar sprinkles on them. My mother has always made them, using her mother's recipe. My mother could burn a rock when it comes to cooking, but this is the one thing she can really make. Now, I certainly...
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    Attached or looking?

    Certainly keeping an eye (or two, depending on what the first one finds) out. Been too long since I dated an FFA. The last one is already married. :eek: So it's time to shake the cobwebs off, I'd say. :p
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    Oh, what the hell. :D Don't know how "best" it is, but it IS the newest; just a few days old.
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    Girls That Like Big Guys Post Pics And Any Comments Here

    Makeup just gets in the way -- very nice photo. :) And yes...about that tank top... :D
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    BHM/FFA confidence

    BHMs, do you ever feel that with a non-FFA that she passes over your sexual turn ons reguarding your bodies? (For example, women that avoid touching or any contact with your belly at all?) If someone was deliberately avoiding parts of my body because she was turned off (or repulsed) by them...
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    Rep whines

    *stands up before the crowd* Hello, I'm AZ_Wolf. I have received only 3 points of rep since the end of November. If you would like to help a needy lupine avoid the rep night sweats and procure some much-needed fresh rep, please give. :bow:
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