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    Anyone here have a FF account?

    It must be an aircraft carrier.
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    Any Other BHM's trying to lose weight?

    There's an iphone app called tap & track that does a pretty good job of calorie counting, without a subscription cost or any sanctimonious bs.
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    What is your weight right now?

    311. Amber is the color of my calories.
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    The Return - by Jake (JMJ) (~BBW, ~BHM, Gluttony, ~~WG)

    I just want to show encouragement because he's one of the best authors on this site. Since we don't know each other personally, it is hard to figure out what kind (if any) feedback to give. Some people need to know that their work is appreciated, some need less pressure. But you are absolutely...
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    The Return - by Jake (JMJ) (~BBW, ~BHM, Gluttony, ~~WG)

    With baseball over, the nba locked out, and my fantasy football team on the skids, I need some more of this story. Otherwise, I am going to have to start watching hockey, and that's not my preferred form of stick handling.
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    The Return - by Jake (JMJ) (~BBW, ~BHM, Gluttony, ~~WG)

    Great work! I'm anxious to see what's next.
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    The Return - by Jake (JMJ) (~BBW, ~BHM, Gluttony, ~~WG)

    Like your characters, you leave us wanting more, more and more still. An excellent work!
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    The Return - by Jake (JMJ) (~BBW, ~BHM, Gluttony, ~~WG)

    You have surpassed even the sublime "Computer Gain" with this one. Bravo!
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    Parisian Epiphany (~BBW, ~~WG, Romance)

    This may be one of your better stories (which is saying quite a bit). While the glutton in me always wants more of a good thing, I think you ended this chapter quite nicely and I do not think you'd be doing this story a disservice if you decided to end it here and focus on the next one.
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    WG Art

    Simply amazing.
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    My favorite dark beer is probably McEwan's Scotch Ale. As for the lighter stuff, I'm a big fan of Shiner Blonde.
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    Calling all Youngsters!

    Twenty-three years, and quite a few pounds under my belt
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    Lynn 1: Dinner Table Battles - by the Id (~BBW, Eating, Friendship, ~SWG)

    Great story as usual, but you forgot the best thing Hostess ever created - the Snowball!
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