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    Sweet Tooth - by Billsfan248 (~BBW, stuffing, ~MWG, Fantasy)

    ~BBW, ~SSBBW, ~MWG, Fantasy - Office worker meets vampire with particular tastes. Sweet Tooth by Billsfan248 “We’re not all into health food. I’m an American vampire. Some of us have a sweet tooth. Refined as I am, I do enjoy junk food.” “And I’m-” “Why, you’re junk food, sweetie.”...
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    Nano - by Billsfan248 - ~BBW, stuffing, ~MWG

    ~BBW, stuffing, ~MWG - A technology reviewer tries out a new product Nano by Billsfan248 She always got to try the newest and the coolest tech before anyone else. Allison was, as she would proudly share with anyone who would listen, “the third most watched tech commentator on the web.” Of...
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    Trying Something New - by Billsfan248 - SSBBW (multiple), feeding, stuffing, ~MWG

    SSBBW (multiple), feeding, stuffing, ~MWG - A skinny woman's life changes after she meets a pair of hedonists [Author's Note]: This is the first story of this sort I've written. Feedback is appreciated. Trying Something New by Billsfan248 Part 1 They were out to lunch again, just like...