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    Olympics for larger people

    Yes I like that FH
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    Olympics for larger people

    No, biggest loser is not. It would not be humiliating. Quite the opposite. It proved you can be fit and fat. It would be really interesting. The fat detractors would not be able to criticise and the world would be able to weigh up. I wonder if health results would match normal weight people..
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    Olympics for larger people

    It could start as a mini mini version of the main Olympics but can you imagine the coverage it would get. I reckon the TV rights would be worth billions.
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    Olympics for larger people

    I think that it would be nice to have a mini Olympics for larger people. What events should there be and sports. Swimming : 50 meters and 100 meters Running: 100 meters and 400 meters Just a few, but not to strenuous. You would have to have to be over a certain BMI and maybe have 2...
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    Belinda and the Munchymen -by Chasbeen (BBW, Feeding, Magic, ~MWG)

    ~BBW, Feeding, Magic ~MWG - Belinda likes her clothes but Joan loves them more Belinda and the Munchymen by Chasbeen Chapter 1 - Belinda is undone Belinda had been at the gym yesterday desperately trying to quell the hunger pangs she'd been having since she had eaten the complete...
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    The show your face/introduction thread

    Name: chasbeen Age: 57 Location: Kent/London UK Profession: Software engineer Music: Varies. Recent but guilty of singing along to Boney M today on the radio Likes: A responsible amount of fitness training and red dwarf. Dislikes: Some countries I visited. Don't turn your back on the...