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  1. ChubbyPuppy

    Using the F word at "plus-size" stores

    Yeah, I learned that I shouldn't voice my opinions if I don't know for sure that they're in the majority unless I really feel like getting attacked. The previous reply was sarcastic, by the way. I know it's hard to tell on the internet, and for that I actually do apologize. I'm seriously...
  2. ChubbyPuppy

    Using the F word at "plus-size" stores

    I don't know what to say except I'm obviously wrong. Sorry. I wish I had never made this post. Just because I personally would never wear something like that doesn't mean it's not everyone else's right to.
  3. ChubbyPuppy

    Using the F word at "plus-size" stores

    I went to Catherine's today. I wouldn't normally but I needed bras, and sometimes, among the frumpy old lady clothes and granny panties, they happen to have some bras that actually fit me, and they were having a big sale. I think I just about got myself kicked out. I'm always pretty snarky...
  4. ChubbyPuppy

    Changes in Lifestyle

    You go girl!!! I think the point at which I started referring to myself as fat, and not in a down-on-myself, fishing for compliments kinda way but just as a perfectly fair description was the same point at which I finally gained to my natural weight and stopped fighting it with stupid diets.
  5. ChubbyPuppy

    How did/does being an FA go over with your parents?

    My parents are very accepting people. The only time they've even implied disapproval of someone I was dating was if they knew he or she wasn't treating me right. That said, I've brought home people from 130-400lbs with no complaints whatsoever.
  6. ChubbyPuppy

    Favorite Fast-Food Meals!!!

    Waaaay too generous for me, I've been at a table of 4 people, all fat, who couldn't finish one order of their fries between all of us. It just feels wasteful. Their burgers are pretty good for a quick service place though.
  7. ChubbyPuppy

    Favorite Fast-Food Meals!!!

    Oh wow, tough choice... at first I was going to second the baconator, but then I thought about Dairy Queen. Hmm, a strawberry cheesequake blizzard is a meal, right? :eat1: I'm also a big fan of the classic chicken sandwich and whopper from BK (hold the tomatoes and onions on the latter) and of...
  8. ChubbyPuppy

    Bellybutton piercings

    I had one for a little bit but it bothered me because I sleep on my front, same with the nipple piercings.
  9. ChubbyPuppy

    What Do YOU Do To Feel Pretty?

    I usually resort to changing my hair, but I'm trying to grow it out my natural color so I can get a damn job. It is so very very hard not to shave it into a mohawk and dye it purple again.
  10. ChubbyPuppy

    What Are You EATING right now?

    Well, evidently, if I stand in the kitchen looking sad long enough somebody will give me food. So, rice pilaf with mango habanero sausages. :D
  11. ChubbyPuppy

    What's on the dinner table tonight?

    It's almost 11:00 pm and I haven't had any real food today unless you count crackers. I also have some beer in me so driving is not an option. Solution- Dominos delivery! Yay, laziness. ;)
  12. ChubbyPuppy

    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    John Belushi was a gorgeous man. As for real life, the first serious one was a boy I met at band camp. Chubby, hairy, glasses-wearing orchestra geek. I met him in the swimming pool and asked him why a sexy man such as himself would wear a shirt to swim in... he didn't see his own sex appeal...
  13. ChubbyPuppy

    What did you dream last nite?

    Freud would have had FUN with me, y'all. Last night I dreamed that Ron Jeremy was spraying whipped cream in my face... in front of my mother. I'm a bit worried about my subconscious now.
  14. ChubbyPuppy

    The HOTTER Boy Thread (aka: The Hot Boy Thread - The Sequel)

    I think I have odd taste, and most of my celebrity crushes are either dead or not-so-attractive anymore as it's been a good 30+ years since they were popular but here are some of the exceptions, anyway: Russel Brand- umm yes please! Brian Molko of Placebo- although it's mostly his voice...
  15. ChubbyPuppy

    Our Darling Doggies thread

    Satine, my darling princess: She's a shelter rescue, and suspected to be a Belgian Shepherd mix. She is also one of the most tolerant dogs ever, putting up with whatever clothing we put her in... except the jingly antlers, that would be too much for anyone. Here's my boyfriend holding...
  16. ChubbyPuppy

    Random FOODEE Thoughts and Confessions

    IC that all this talk of apples is torture, as I am rather deathly allergic to many varieties.
  17. ChubbyPuppy

    Latest Food Discoveries - Share them here!

    This is my new mission. When I get home I'm going to question my culinary student roommate about how to best achieve it, because anything that's good with chocolate is even better with peanut butter. Hmm, you think I should stick with chocolate dipping sauce though? Or maybe whip something up...
  18. ChubbyPuppy

    Pictures With Your Bestest Friend

    Me (blackxblonde hair), my bff (curly hair and glasses), and her sister (blonde with freckles): I smile so much looking at the pics from that night.
  19. ChubbyPuppy

    Calling all Youngsters!

    I'm twenty-twoooooo... dang that's fun to say if you really pronounce the W's. Sorry, feeling silly right now!
  20. ChubbyPuppy

    BBW Confessions thread

    Me too. :( I'm hoping it's just because I've been stressed over school stuff and maybe, just maybe, after the semester ends I'll start feeling it. *shrugs*
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