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  1. BigFusionNYC

    Thought I would say hi.....

    * Friendly Wave *
  2. BigFusionNYC

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    Just thought I'd post one.
  3. BigFusionNYC

    What's in your DVD player?

    Raiders of the Lost Ark
  4. BigFusionNYC

    Discontinued foods

    1. Toaster Pizzas - they were kind of like a hot pocket but thinner dough and were circular, and they were filled with cheese and sauce. 2. 7-Up Gum - it was just like the Freshen Up gum, cubed gum filled with liquid gooey center, they had 7-Up, Sprite, Orange, and Cherry 7-Up - the SHIT! 3...
  5. BigFusionNYC

    True Life: "I'm happy to be Fat",MTV

    Stupid MTV, I have enough posts on other boards here on DimForums explaining why I backed out of this stupid show. They just wanted drama and didn't wanna pay for anyone to appear on the show, that's why Joy Nash (the YouTube Fat Rant chick) backed out, that's why Aeiry Stone and I backed out...
  6. BigFusionNYC

    MTV True Life: Happy Being Fat

    Feeding would have come into play on this show IF they had used the footage of me and my girlfriend at the time Aeiry. They literally filmed a 1 hour interview with each of us, about 5 hours of footage of us doing stuff together, and then we get a call saying "We want to film you for 5 hours...
  7. BigFusionNYC

    Belly library (men/women)

    Thought I'd put up another belly pic. Too bad you can't see my Homer boxers. I tried to get my face and belly all in the same shot but I had my timer on the camera to take the pic and it was difficult to get everything in one shot, either way I've shown my face 1000 times anyway lol.
  8. BigFusionNYC

    The dating community

    I agree with that, so many horror stories of stalkers and such from online and also, I find that the FFA's I chat with are like literally 1000's of miles away from NYC.
  9. BigFusionNYC

    How did you find out about Dimensions

    I found out about it years ago on the AOL Search Engine thing (now powered by Google and it always was the same crap) Back in 1998 AOL had a fat chat room and I was in many yahoo groups which are now defunct. I never really liked Fantasy Feeder, that place is filled with fakers and creepy people...
  10. BigFusionNYC

    Bad Advertising - NYC

    I actually have asked myself that 100 times, living in Lower Manhattan, enough that I searched on the site for the closest Sonic - it's like 102 miles away near Philadelphia, and I'm just like wtf? Why would they bombard us in NYC with this crap, and the nearest on is like 100 miles away? Who...
  11. BigFusionNYC

    MTV True Life: Happy Being Fat

    Yeah I already posted my hatred for the MTV bullcrap. They used me and my gf at the time for the show. 1 hour interview each, about 6 hours of footage, then they told us that they wanted to film us 5 hours a day for 2 days a week for a month. At that point we told them to f*@# off. They wanted...
  12. BigFusionNYC

    a vote for FFA preferences.

    I've put up pics of my face before I think, but I do know that there is the profile and MySpace pics. I'm definitely not shy lol
  13. BigFusionNYC

    Before and After

    Thanks for sharing your pics with us, you truly are incredibly alluring and have a warm smile. I look forward to updated progress :) Cheers - Jorge
  14. BigFusionNYC

    The dating community

    I was just thinking that when I was reading the posts. I have some friends that have met people from online, like I have, but others are like 'you are all crazy meeting someone from online'. I have often said, so, talking to someone online, and then on the phone, and then meeting them at a...
  15. BigFusionNYC

    A mental exercise / hypothetical question

    For the BHM: first 'as you are now' questions: - Do you prefer being a BHM over being thin? Yes, I have always been very comfortable in being a BHM and I want to be big and prefer it over being thin. - Is your preference in women thin, FA-ish, or a very broad range? I like women to be thin to...
  16. BigFusionNYC

    Thoughts on FFAs

    In my personal experience I have met FFA's online and FOR THE MOST PART and I am not judging anyone here, as I mean like years ago before dimforums and such, and frankly I don't see any of them on the DimForum currently, were basically just looking to fulfill some desire online regarding their...
  17. BigFusionNYC

    Hotels.Com commercial?

    I've seen it, quite funny!
  18. BigFusionNYC

    BHM/FFA Confessions/Complaints/Thoughts/Secrets

    I've been reading the posts and finding a lot of well thought out, personal thoughts from everyone, and hope whoever has a problem can find answers for them or at the very least consolation from the other folks in here. As for me my thoughts on being a BHM is basically that I have been with...
  19. BigFusionNYC

    Identifying BHM/FFA's

    My 200th POST - PANTS!!!! and I want designs on our House Crests on my desk by 3:45pm EST tomorrow. End Transmission. Yes, still on no sleep!
  20. BigFusionNYC

    By popular demand! Small Shirts Themed Pictures!

    Thanks Banshee :)
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