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    Are 33% of Americans really obese?

    Technically yes, as they fit the medical definition of obese, having a BMI which exceeds 30. But that represents an arbitrary number to some degree, in that a BMI of 31 (obese) does not necessarily represent a major break from a BMI of 29 (merely overweight). I wouldn't consider that to...
  2. K

    The fall of fat

    You raise some very interesting points, James. I have heard the theory about increasing availability of food in modern times leading to shifting attitudes about fat. But that always seemed kind of incomplete to me, particularly if you intend to critique sizism. After all, if we don't like fat...
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    The fall of fat

    Sorry if I have been an ass in the past. This time at least, I have no interest in starting a flame war, but simply learning more about your position.
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    The fall of fat

    From what I can gather, many in the size acceptance movement agree that we have not always disdained fat the way we do today. Rather, for most of our history fat represented wealth and prosperity, and we considered an abundance of fat a source of beauty. Then at some point our attitudes toward...
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    the Fat Tax - Should junk food help pay for healthcare

    I think taxing junk food might might actually make a lot of sense (compared to what the government usually dregs up). Ten percent seems rather pricy but it would give people a much needed incentive favor healthier foods. Part of the problem thus far has been that junk food costs so much less...
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    A science based response to the weightloss pusher's mantra "Calories In=Calories Out"

    Intermarriage can introduce new genes into a population, but it cannot (at least to my knowledge) create whole new ones out of thin air. So someone like you with both African and Irish ancestry will naturally have genes that someone living in Africa might not. But you probably don't have any...
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    A science based response to the weightloss pusher's mantra "Calories In=Calories Out"

    Good point, but you don't need a whole lot of fat to fulfill those functions, no more than ten percent or so. Fat beyond that serves (in a very metaphorical sense) mainly to store energy and isn't vital unless you face prolonged food shortages where you need that energy. But that is why no...
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    A science based response to the weightloss pusher's mantra "Calories In=Calories Out"

    I prefer to think of myself as a budding intellectual with an unfortunate (or not) anime addiction. Hmm, so you also come from the Saint Louis area, Littleghost?
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    A science based response to the weightloss pusher's mantra "Calories In=Calories Out"

    But fat and carbohydrate stores exist specifically to provide calories when not enough food is coming in to meet energy needs. Eat less or exercise more and the regulatory process will divert stored calories to make up for the balance. Why else do you think the body stores fat in the first place?
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    Has anyone read The Forbidden Body by Shelley Bovey?

    Surely that's true of pretty much all job applicants, I would assume. Does anyone really find it easier to get a job during a recession?
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    were there fat people in preshistoric times?

    I think the article basically has it right in discussing whether fat people existed in prehistoric times (at least within the limits of our knowledge of the era). We take easily available food for granted in this day and age when we can just hope into the car and drive to Burger King. But that...
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    REALLY depressing meta-study re obesity

    True, but this emphasis on objective study rather spirituality distinguishes science from other areas of life, namely religion. Spirituality is too subjective and personal to make a reliable basis for science anyway. And mixing science and spirituality like that leads straight to things like the...
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    REALLY depressing meta-study re obesity

    Actually, you do kind of bring up a good point, but this overlooks some important differences as well. I would imagine the burgers of days past were significantly smaller and leaner than those of McDonalds and usually joined with healthy sides such as vegetables, fruits, and so forth. Trans...
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    REALLY depressing meta-study re obesity

    Well no, those are just some examples of the many foods that contribute to the problem. Certainly if you avoid fast food and candy bars, you'll lower your calorie intake and thus one of the forces behind weight gain. But to really tackle such problems I think we need a more holistic approach and...
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    REALLY depressing meta-study re obesity

    In other words, most people find the proposed solution to obesity hopelessly out of reach. To be fair, I never claimed dieting didn't entail its share of difficulties and downsides, though I agree the pills and medicines they push on TV are mostly crap. Of course, to extend your metaphor, you...
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    REALLY depressing meta-study re obesity

    I think we may be misunderstanding each other here. In the quote I was referring to the fact that scientists and medical experts have long established that smoking is bad for your health. Almost everyone accepts this conclusion at this point, even long time smokers and tobacco companies. In...
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    REALLY depressing meta-study re obesity

    Neither the study nor the response to it surprises me one bit.
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    Top 25 fittest and fattest cities in the U.S.

    Woot, St. Louis is no. 16 on the fittest cities. Er, maybe I should be contemplating a move to Kansas City.
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    Smokin' Mermaid!

    Heh, she's smoking under water. Is this like on Spongebob Squarepants, where the fact that everything is under water seems to have no practical consequences (except squirrels, or maybe Texans, have to wear helmets)?
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    No Fat People In America - The Ahmadinejad Effect

    Really? I was under the impression he took power in a coup or something, and that elections in Iran were a shame. Maybe I was thinking of some other country in the area.
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