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  1. RedVelvet

    It's Not Me, It's You

    Oh yes. I used to go clubbing every night. I used to love parties, and I used to love taking huge risks. If I can manage to stay as long as it took me to get dressed, I consider it a triumph. Parties are tolerated if I can duck and hide a bit at them.. Small groups...
  2. RedVelvet

    Pornography's place in Size Acceptance

    There is none. I suppose it can help people feel less alone. Maybe that is supportive. is porn is porn. And it grows increasingly degrading, depressing and objectifying...bleh. I actually like porn..but it's hard to find the good stuff. I end up watching gay porn because the men...
  3. RedVelvet

    What do you like about the previous poster? Part Trois!

    Smart enough and funny enough to make me want to do this out of order and against the rules. Sorry person above me!
  4. RedVelvet


    One..this is hilarious for the names alone and I will be repping you. Two..what gets them off, I would venture, having never read not the idea that they are being told to shut up, or to feel unvalued. I fear its purely about dominance, rescue and being taken...forcefully..with strong...
  5. RedVelvet

    Fat Sexuality on

    These were very well written. Well done.
  6. RedVelvet

    There Was This Girl...

    Heck...I am thinking that's a PEOPLE situation.. FAs, and everyone else too.
  7. RedVelvet

    Something truly horrible that I need some opinions on...

    Expressing what you like isn't the same as putting down what you don't like. It's just an expression of preference. If the women were insulting the fat men in any way, it would be very different indeed, but this is just...admiration, as far as you describe it. I am not an FA myself, but have...
  8. RedVelvet

    "Baker's Dozen" Movies

    1) BioDome 2) The Man From Earth 3) Dirty Dancing ( no one puts Baby in the corner LOL classic) 4) Princess Bride (Sleep well and dream of large women) 5) Dazed and Confused (That's what's great about these high school chicks, man... I get older; they stay the same age.) 6) National Lampoon's...
  9. RedVelvet

    "Baker's Dozen" Movies

    Nipples. Bat Nipples. Nipples are good for giggles. (Oh crap..I am not playing this game correctly.)
  10. RedVelvet

    A Fuller Bottom with the Brazilian Butt Lift

    I will if you will.
  11. RedVelvet

    Interesting thing happened

    I am actually a huge fan of yours. I think you are smart and funny as hell. Your political posts have made me laugh many times, actually. But I don't think this is a matter of invalidation. I think it's really more a matter of false equivalence. People have taken pains to point out the...
  12. RedVelvet

    Interesting thing happened

    This...right here? Perfection. Empathy is good. There is a limit, though, to how much one can understand whilst not actually inhabiting the form being criticized. The truly JERKY behavior by the relative (?) WAS truly jerky. ...But everything Beth wrote above so perfectly expresses my...
  13. RedVelvet

    Interesting thing happened

    Oh yeah...I'm totally used to it. Doesn't effect me nearly as much as it must effect you.... Being fat means that eventually, you don't even notice insults. It creates a magic force field of calm self confidence! How miserable it must be to be so much smaller.
  14. RedVelvet

    The things I want say to..

    Your contempt is showing a little bit...just so you know. I mean, it's subtle, but anyone with two brain cells to rub together could probably suss out that you find her fat self, (compared to your 5'2, 95 pound self, of course, you are sure to point out) to be the reason her slow moving...
  15. RedVelvet

    Perfect BBW

    Total and utter objectification is so funny! this parody?
  16. RedVelvet

    The One NON-DIMS RELATED Thing Annoying You Most Right Now Part Trois.

    But...but...I thought he liked fat women? I would think an FA might not use "Fat" as a pejorative. How.....extraordinary.
  17. RedVelvet

    Does your size make driving diffucult for you?

    Your concern for her comfort is touching.
  18. RedVelvet

    It is kind of creepy, but have you done it?

    And to answer your question..(sorry!)..Yes I have, and a goodly amount of the time it has worked. Chit chat, sneak in a lightly stated compliment, and, as a woman who tends to think guys like to ask women out rather than be asked out, no matter what they say...make sure in subtle but easy to...
  19. RedVelvet

    It is kind of creepy, but have you done it?

    Just a wee suggestion...There is no need to say anything like "Don't worry..I like fat chicks"...I understand the desire to assure her of your sincerity, but really, just starting up a conversation about anything is the best way to go. If you want to be REALLY forward, you can say.."I think...
  20. RedVelvet

    For want of a better term - Coming out of the Closet!

    Another thing to consider is just...perspective. Which is harder...being ridiculed a bit for liking someone out of the ordinary...or being a PERSON who is out of the ordinary? I don't even mean that in a "it's harder for me so buck up" kinda way..I'm just saying that perspective often...
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