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  1. Culinary_Alchemist

    Having a Little Trouble

    I've been a big guy as far as I can remember. At one point in my life I enjoyed being fat but I finding it more difficult to be this way. People treat you much more differently when you are bigger, esp. woman. I just find myself being sterotyped as being only this friend character who never gets...
  2. Culinary_Alchemist

    Chicago Eats on a College Student Budget

    Anyone got any good tips for some cheap eats in Chicago? Perferable in the Theater District or may around the Loop area.
  3. Culinary_Alchemist

    Be a model for Laura's anime art!

    i'm game for helping out. always willing to help a "starving" artist.
  4. Culinary_Alchemist

    On the need for clarification. (OMG big post!)

    if i may say just a few words. i don't feel it was a "correct" way of dealing with the problem by delelting the stories with no warning. There is a break-up of communication somewhere and the mod sould at least let the writer know that there is some questionalble content in the story that needs...
  5. Culinary_Alchemist

    Hi, I'm new.

    enjoy said bored. there is always someone on this bored so feel free to ask anything anytime and somebody will get to you as soon as possible thank you for calling. ::BEEEEEP::
  6. Culinary_Alchemist

    My Bed Ridden stories were deleted?

    ehhhh, just for the heck of it, i will add my $.02. I will admit it is a bum deal that two really well put together stories were deleted for reasons I'm not sure of or quite understand. I'm all for freedom of speech but i guess the powers of this board feel that content of stories were...
  7. Culinary_Alchemist

    Did I miss something?

    i think Quill20 should xanga the story if Dimensions will not allow for the story to be posted. I didn't find any reall sexual plots in it but i guess whoever deleted it saw other wise.
  8. Culinary_Alchemist

    Did I miss something?

    she was 18 years old in the story
  9. Culinary_Alchemist

    I hate...

    people who order spice food and ask for it, "not spicy" people who block your way and when you ask them kindly to move they give you a dirty look dirty kitchens people who think just because you're fat means you are lower than them people who think just because you are fat means you can't...
  10. Culinary_Alchemist

    Tired of BBWs that ignore big men

    i don't get full on hardcore hammered very often, only when it's for a special reason (must save the last of my brain cells). Feb. 28 is a special day, The Berghoff is closing so i must celebrate this Chicago staple. drink a few of their world famous beers and chilllllll.:p
  11. Culinary_Alchemist

    Tired of BBWs that ignore big men

    now that i think of that, must have done something afterwards or maybe she wasn't flirting. that fine line of flirt and being friendly gets blured when i'm drunk. anyways, i guess attraction is a very fickle thing. all depends on the enviroment you've grow-up in and many other factors. i...
  12. Culinary_Alchemist

    Tired of BBWs that ignore big men

    wait...what?! holy ::bleep:: you just confused the ::milkdud:: out of me. illaberate
  13. Culinary_Alchemist

    Hi, I am Stacie the NEW GIRL!

    from one noob to another i welcome you. punch and cookies will be served later and there will be a slight change in the scedule. And, thanks for choosing the airport hilton....wooo sorry for that south park tangent
  14. Culinary_Alchemist

    Hey!! It's another new guy

    Yep I'm new. Good times so far. 19 gonin on 20 years of age, 5'9", 290-300 lbs, college student majoring in culinary arts. so let me know if you need a good meal cooked;)
  15. Culinary_Alchemist

    Tired of BBWs that ignore big men

    Take into account that most big guys are timid and unsure because they have been rejected so many times. I've had instances where a chick would flirt with me and later that night tell me she wasn't even slightly interested in me (do to my size). That really screw with the mind dude. We just have...
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