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  1. rachidi54

    Kenzie's Comparision pic!

    i just cliked on it when i saw this thread on the first page forum, i din't know it was soooo old. But i never knew that Kenzie was one of the members, she 's damn soooo HOT. i prefer her when she's fatter, Awesome ! Soory for posting this, i know now the thread would be still on here......but...
  2. rachidi54

    Jiggling and Self Awareness

    i'm trying to gain, but you know, the day i will be fat and have enough belly and boobs, i would wear some tight clothes, and if some day i have to run, i wouldn't mind people, children looking or laughing at my fat jiggling, because it's sooooo sexy, and it makes me horny. Would love to be at...
  3. rachidi54

    "L'Obésité dans le monde" ["Obesity in the World"]

    Ooops, sorry, but i just made it on purpose to see if you would noticed that.;) SO, now i know that you obviously good in english, you clever :D
  4. rachidi54

    Your Favourite Parts About Being Fat

    I'm not fat yet, but i have some fat since the day i decided to gain. And the thing that will never change is that i love my cheeks, and my belly too. When i was slim, my face was just too dried, i hated my face. With my face cheeks, i can now make good smiles :)
  5. rachidi54

    "L'Obésité dans le monde" ["Obesity in the World"]

    Completely Wrong!!!, in french, there are pronouns masculine or feminine. Nouns are also masculine or feminine. In this case, "person" in french is feminine (une personne), so whenever it talks about theses persons, it will be feminine. If the subject was "these persons are very intelligent"...
  6. rachidi54

    How to spot a BBW? Anyone? Help!

    I totally agree, us people are more fat than others, so i guess it's more simple to find in us the right women you like. i disagree, may be it's cause in uk, there's also a lot of BBW, less than US of course. But here in France, it's soooo hard for me to find the right one, you know. and...
  7. rachidi54

    location, location...

    From France, where fatness is considered like the most ugly thing in the world, and where skeleton women with no curves are considered as a perfect body :( i cannot understand that as they cannot understand me, i love fat, curves, layers, belly and so on, too much. i would love to live in...
  8. rachidi54

    i wanna have a double belly

    So i think it might be there due to your feeding and you didn't drink beer, so it can explain...If i'm not right, i hope that i can force my belly to have that crease. i really love the fat belly with big layers, sometimes, i quit and don't wear this elastic waistband. i think i 'm gonna wear...
  9. rachidi54

    i wanna have a double belly

    i don't understand, sorry , what do you mean ? i've understood that you did wear your pants normally, and a crease appeared even you wear it normally. And Were you a great food eater when it appeared,i mean til you was extra full. Or just sugar things. If it appeared when you were already...
  10. rachidi54

    i wanna have a double belly

    You don't eat til you're that much, and don't drink beer, that can explain why you don't have a round belly. But wearing pants at the crease keeps the crease stay here a long time. But before you don't have the choice, before you wore pants like that, you don't remember that you wore pants...
  11. rachidi54

    i wanna have a double belly

    Thank you, great pic, and i really wanna thank you for taking part of my thread to help me.;) That's right, it's exactly what i wanna become. you're perfect. you said you used to sleep naked, but during the day, do you wear pants at the crease you have ? If yes, that means my waist...
  12. rachidi54

    My Belly

    Looks cool to me, keep growing. (i hope i'll grow faster than you.....pretty hard)
  13. rachidi54

    Belly library (men/women)

    The pics are looking really cool to me. Just Awesome. But i understand that can be difficult sometimes, Just enjoy your body, i really like those pics.
  14. rachidi54

    i wanna have a double belly

    Sorry for not answering quickly, i've had trouble with my computer. that what i was asking you, so you think that's the way to do. But i wear an elastic, and not so tight. it's like pants wore at your belly button ?, like a lot of persons, especially women do. ??? Do you really think...
  15. rachidi54

    Help me I'm (not) sinking!

    i think you're right., that means that you float, really ?, i mean do you float when you're standing up ?, i don't think so. i said that there is a technique to go under water, but really at the bottom of the swimming pool, not to sink like a heavy thing, but to go under with a technique...
  16. rachidi54

    i wanna have a double belly

  17. rachidi54

    i wanna have a double belly

    i didn't want to mean that i'm sure of what i'm saying, i just mean that i suspect that there's a reason. No one has made an investigation about that before. Still would like hear about you and especially those Big layers and Multiple bellies.
  18. rachidi54

    Beth Ditto

    i'm just saying that the pictures of Beth Dito at the first page are just Awesome and really made me erect. (hope i won't be hit). I didn't knew here, is she a famous singer, and is she also famous for showing her fat belly. Or is thus just like all famous star people who take out their clothes...
  19. rachidi54

    Help me I'm (not) sinking!

    i'm into gaining and i'm not fat as you. As far as i know, and what i have experienced, even thin people can't sink if they don't have The technic. Some haven't the tecnic at all, and just are on water, floating. Some know, and sink, and others have the half of the tecnic and manage to sink...
  20. rachidi54

    Any european BHM here?

    i'm here from France, i'm into gaining, 26 , man. FA.
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