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  1. Garfield

    Opposites Attract by Jerry Thomas (SSBHM, ~FFA, feeding, romance)

    I like the story. Will we read a continuation? I would be happy because I like precisely this combination of man and woman...:blush: :wubu:
  2. Garfield

    BHM Food and sex - by Gogozou (~BHM, ~Sex, ~XWG

    I like it. What's the original language?
  3. Garfield

    BHM Gamer Boy (~BHM, Revenge, force feeding, dom)

    I like Your work very much, when will you post the next chapter?
  4. Garfield

    What kind of Weight Gain Stories do you like?

    skinny women feeding fat men...:wubu:
  5. Garfield

    Immobile Kristin - by Wantsufatter (BBW, Lesbian Sex, Feeding, ~XWG)

    Oh, I think, it would be better, she loses some weight, loses all her bodyfat and builds up some muscles from helping Kristin moving around.
  6. Garfield

    Scientific Proof that BHM Prefer Thin Women

    I prefer thin FFA, the thinner, the better ... sorry :blush:
  7. Garfield

    location, location...

    Deutschland - Germany, Hannover
  8. Garfield

    Definite FFAs in movies and TV

    She is wunderful...
  9. Garfield

    Kinkykitten and Von_Pudge - BHM & FFA Couple Photo Thread!

    Au Mann, muss Liebe schön sein... Much luck for You both
  10. Garfield

    Fairytale romance, True love, or Raw animal sex?

    Fairy tales I rather read. And for raw animal sex I am not animal enough. But true love I need like the air to breath...
  11. Garfield

    Your Top 3 Favorite FFA/BHM Fantasies

    Nice idea...
  12. Garfield

    FFA Roll Call?

    10 years later? You learned it at school? It seems, You learned very good.:)
  13. Garfield

    FFA Roll Call?

    Kann es sein, dass Du einfach nur Männer liebst??? ;)
  14. Garfield

    Could it be - a BHM/FFA romcom?

    I hope so, it would be a dream...
  15. Garfield

    Where to meet...

    Here is one - in Germany...
  16. Garfield

    FFA Roll Call?

    Hi, I'm a BHM from Germany. Is there a FFA/female Feeder from Germany? Es wäre schön, Dich kennenzulernen.
  17. Garfield

    BHMs from Germany

    Hallöle, hier ist noch einer... Ich würde mich freuen, von Dir zu hören
  18. Garfield

    BHM dads

    I love the thought...
  19. Garfield

    Hansel and Gretel?

    Leute, lest das echte Märchen, bei Hänsel und Gretel werden keine Frauen gemästet, nur Männer. Im günstigsten Falle muss Gretel nicht hungern, das ist alles. Und jetzt hört auf, deutsche Märchen zu verhunzen. Denkt euch eure eigenen aus!
  20. Garfield

    BHM/FA Couples

    I wished, You were 20 years older...
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