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  1. SolariS

    FEEDEE contra FEEDER

    Hi Scandi, If you are bigger in your fantasies and you have a relationship with someone who helps you live it out, I think it is pretty likely you will start gaining sooner or later. It is up to you if you keep it under control. If you say you feel sexier slim, then this might be true but...
  2. SolariS

    Erotic Weight Gain and Other Fantasies

    i like to drink and i´m on dim. i´m not an alcoholic, but i enjoy good wine and some drinks. i don´t see any relationship between a fetish and whether you consume alcohol or not. i smoked, i gave it up but i still like weight gain ;-) maybe you think too comlicated
  3. SolariS

    Mother/Father issues thing?

    scandi, i fully agree with your statement. older guys dating younger women: it is in most cases a midlife crisis thing. i can feel that coming already *lol* nevertheless, i have never understood the father complex, some women seem to have dating an older guy. i mean you say it. if he...
  4. SolariS

    Belly library (men/women)

    i prefer your´s :eat2:
  5. SolariS

    Sex/desire/fat - Only on your mind ?!

    i think the fact that although you are attracted to a guy, his brain and his looks you still need him to be fat or gain is pretty sad. i have experienced the same thing. fighting with your fantasies. i mean... what´s more important? you will never get it all. gotta decide for yourself if feeding...
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