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  1. Kbbig

    What song is STUCK in your head?

    Time Is Running Out by Muse. In particular the "Oh WooOoo Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah" part. It's strange because this used to be one of the only songs I didn't like by them, but now it's awesome for me.
  2. Kbbig

    Favorite Comedian's

    DEMETRI MARTIN! I can't believe no one has mentioned him yet. I don't think stupid or loud/yelly standup is funny, like Larry the Cable Guy, Katt Williams or Sam Kinison. Demetri appeals to the smart part of my humor cortex, as he is really dry and intelligent and just kind of random. I will...
  3. Kbbig

    Inspiration for your NICKNAME and AVATAR

    The "K" is the first letter in my name, and the "bbig" is just an abbreviation of "be big", as in "I would like to gain weight", haha. Pretty simple, I guess. My avatar is a different story. I searched all over the Internet for something fat girl related, and found a whole bunch of pictures...
  4. Kbbig

    The One NON-DIMS RELATED Thing Annoying You Most Right Now Part Trois.

    I hope I'm not alone on this one: Jim Joyce and the worst call I have ever seen is annoying me right now. Armando Galarraga, one of the nicest pitchers we Detroit Tigers fans know, had a perfect game through two outs in the ninth inning tonight. The final batter to get out hit the ball between...
  5. Kbbig

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 2

    Don't shoot me for not having seen this until now, but I watched Black Hawk Down for the first time tonight. First things first, I thought Orlando Bloom was the freakin' star of this film coming in. The whole film, I was waiting for him to show up and become the star or whatever, but as it turns...
  6. Kbbig

    Movie Watcher's Baker's Dozen - Part 2!

    Movies that you think are awesome and can watch over and over but that nobody else seems to like: 1. The Big Hit 2. Box of Moonlight 3. Corky Romano The only obviously bad film I like, I think.
  7. Kbbig

    The Greatest Bad Films Ever!

    Gosh I love this topic. Here are my favorite worst movies ever. The first, and the one I saw most recently is 2012. It was so enjoyable for two reasons primarily: 1. because of the ridiculous amount of times they escaped on an airplane in danger of falling into an ever-growing cavern in the...
  8. Kbbig

    Janis Rattenni

    Oh my Lord, thank you so much. She is absolutely the representation of my dream girl, aside from the speaking German part. She was chubby to begin with, but that second video is so wonderful to watch. Her bottom half is ... fantastisch.
  9. Kbbig


    I would love to post more on here, but the simple reason why I do more browsing than posting is because there are not topics which interest me all the time. Although, I do not know why anyone would post on something they didn't think was interesting ... whatever. :)
  10. Kbbig

    Stretch Marks (and why I should like them)

    Once again, this community proves why I can feel so comfortable here. I thought this topic would die quickly like most of my other topics, but no, people still are providing me with more and more reasons to like my imperfections. I hope others are reading these posts who felt the way I did when...
  11. Kbbig

    Stretch Marks (and why I should like them)

    Kind of bumping an "old" topic, but I've been so busy since I last posted that I hadn't seen these replies. Anyways... Y'all are awesome. These perspectives actually really help me look at my stretch marks differently. Obviously, it will take a bit of work on my own part to make them cool...
  12. Kbbig

    Stretch Marks (and why I should like them)

    Thank you for your responses, and I'm glad you accept yours, but I want something a little deeper than "you just need to accept them". I am talking specifically about belly marks, and these I feel are very hard to have in plain sight of other folks.
  13. Kbbig

    Stretch Marks (and why I should like them)

    Okay, maybe I can't love them, but how would I accept them? I know they are "just there", but moles and wrinkles are to be expected. Stretch marks ... not so much.
  14. Kbbig

    Stretch Marks (and why I should like them)

    Considered all the forums to post this in, and went with the vaguest section. I have been chubby my whole life and didn't realize how "unusual" it is to be plump until maybe 13 or 14. Around this time I developed the only stretch marks I have, 4 or 5 vertical lines on my love handles. Slowly...
  15. Kbbig

    Songs that would win your heart...

    I don't know many songs I would love a girl to sing to me (because most love songs I know are about girls), but the song I would play (and have played) for a girl is Stolen by Dashboard Confessional. Maybe I could find a better one from the 40 years of music I know, but the song's lyrics are...
  16. Kbbig

    I kinda thought Medusa was Hot in the New Clash of the Titans movie

    That was really the one thing I talked about with my girlfriend as we left the theater (BTW, lovely date movie). Don't they specifically mention that Medusa was cursed to be so completely unattractive that she would turn a man to stone with one look? And then they used a Russian supermodel to...
  17. Kbbig

    What Would Be Your Super Power

    Shapeshifting, without a doubt. And also, to shapeshift others, with or without their knowledge (I think I've read too many fantasy stories in the Library, haha). If I ever needed to star in a big-budget film (a real possibility for me), I could make myself super-muscular. If I was just lying...
  18. Kbbig

    Name a Song From the Last Letter - Part 5!

    Take The Long Way Home - Supertramp E!
  19. Kbbig

    Kevin Smith Ejected From Southwest Airlines

    Wow, he sounds absolutely incensed! Rightfully so, obviously. What interests me the most is that he was not apparently the fattest person in his area, which makes me wonder if it was his celebrity and the attention he was getting that got him kicked off. I haven't flown in a while nor will I...
  20. Kbbig

    Guess the song from the Lyrics!!

    The moment I realized what the song title meant (when I was maybe 12) was one of the best moments of my life, possibly. That song title would be "25 or 6 to 4" by Chicago. "We're finally drunk enough that, We're finally soaking up, The hours that everyone else throws away. And if we have...
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