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  1. Tooz

    PostSecret This Week

    That's really cute. It made me smile.
  2. Tooz

    Inspiration for your NICKNAME and AVATAR

    av: Sheer awesomeosity
  3. Tooz

    Who Taught You to Love Your Beautiful Body?

    Me. There was no pivotal point in my life, I'd say, and I was lucky to have many supporting people along the way, but no one ever tried to make me see I was beautiful.
  4. Tooz

    Do you tip for take-out?

    I tip delivery guys two or three bucks. At a restaurant, if you get a 15% tip from me, you know you did something wrong. If you get no tip, feel lucky you are still employed. My standard tip for waitstaff is about 25-30%.
  5. Tooz

    "Ton of Love" on TLC Tonight 11/17

    My point was that I don't think we have the right to judge them as a couple.
  6. Tooz

    "Ton of Love" on TLC Tonight 11/17

    You know, he is pretty honest about who he is and what he wants, and he has a woman who is willing to do it-- so instead of passing judgment on the relationship, maybe be glad you aren't in one like that? I found him annoying at first, too, but I really can't knock the guy because he is very up...
  7. Tooz

    "Ton of Love" on TLC Tonight 11/17

    I watched it and I will say that I appreciate how the show ended. Douchebag or not, showing the man in his element was good footage. He sang well, played piano well, and had I been surfing and passing by at that clip, I would have thought it was not a show about weight/fatness, which is...
  8. Tooz

    "Ton of Love" on TLC Tonight 11/17

    This guy seems like a royal douchebag.
  9. Tooz

    i'm sorry

    I'm sure time will tell. :p
  10. Tooz

    Rosie Mercado Size 26/28 model

    I echo these sentiments. I'm a bigger size on bottom, but I would love to see the wonderful diversity of the fat form represented.
  11. Tooz

    simplybe sizing

    I'm looking at some Joe Browns? sweater jacket/cardigan type things, and some tank tops.
  12. Tooz

    Makeup Tips and Ideas!

    NYX Doll Eye Waterproof. It is AMAZING!
  13. Tooz

    simplybe sizing

    Okay, I know this has been discussed, but I can't find anything... How does SimplyBe sizing run? Big? Small? Thanks.
  14. Tooz

    Carey Hart had to sit next to a fat person on a plane. Feeling so bad for him, omg.

    but it's ~(!*#(!SOCIALLY CONTAGIOUS!)#*!)~
  15. Tooz

    Recipes for Vegetarian/Vegan baked goods

    You need this, bb.
  16. Tooz

    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    You sound like me. I think we need to hang.
  17. Tooz

    Makeup Tips and Ideas!

    I have that song on a record label compilation I bought in 1998. I actually really dislike her newer stuff...that song and What Would The Community Think are kinda it for me.
  18. Tooz

    Tattoos anyone?

    Err...those are upside-down, and the only one that means what you say it means is "moon." ... D: And, the "brushstrokes" on "moon" are not correct.
  19. Tooz

    Makeup Tips and Ideas!

    Wow, I didn't think a lot of people knew that back of your head song.
  20. Tooz

    Makeup Tips and Ideas!

    See, that one goes all wonky for me... p.s. "Big Monster Lover," like the Cat Power song?
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