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  1. superoscarsbelly

    Tripple Belly?

    that is a great belly sammy
  2. superoscarsbelly

    A quad belly?

    Is there such a thing. My gf and I both have a double belly and her friend has a really nice tripple belly. It got me thinking is there such a thing as a quad belly?
  3. superoscarsbelly

    Too Big

    I really thought I was too fat the other day because I couldnt see the numbers on the scale because my belly was in the way haha, so I had to have my gf read it for me. It was kind of embarrassing not gonna lie, but then i went and ate two orders of carne asada fries hahah.
  4. superoscarsbelly

    Too Big

    Exactly, I feel the same way. Or sometimes when I just eat a lot or am just sitting down and see my huge belly, I think it.
  5. superoscarsbelly

    Me and My fat belly!! :)

    you look amazing and your attitude is great. keep gettin fluffy
  6. superoscarsbelly

    Too Big

    Has anyone here ever gotten to the point or just thought, "Im too fat." Obviously most of us here like being fat or like fat in general. Im bringing this up because I got out of the shower, looked in the mirror, and just said, "Im really fat, maybe too fat".
  7. superoscarsbelly

    Calling all Youngsters!

    Im 18 from San Diego, im a BHM and FA
  8. superoscarsbelly

    Tripple Belly?

    My friend who is pretty chubby was telling my gf and I the other day that she is getting a tripple belly? What is a tripple belly and is there even such a thing? And if so how does one get a tripple belly?
  9. superoscarsbelly

    Diggin' Around

    Again, sorry for the repost. And when I sit down its fully burried, but standing, the bathroom thing was new to me. Again sorry for the reposts.
  10. superoscarsbelly

    Diggin' Around

    Yeah im sorry about some of the double posts. my computer went crazy and then i didnt know if they went through because for some reason I was unable to read them. Sorry, but this new bathroom issue is new for me
  11. superoscarsbelly

    Diggin' Around

    I went to the bathroom the the today, and it took me a while to find/grab hold of my dick. Since my lower belly has gotten so much bigger and same with my fat pad, i started to freak out because I couldnt find it. I told my gf about what happened and she was actually turned on by the fact that...
  12. superoscarsbelly

    Wow, Where did it go?

    I have been gaining weight for the past year and have loved every second of it. Besides everything else getting bigger, I noticed that my dick was getting shorter. Just the other day, I noticed that when I was not erect, my dick now is fully buried in the fat pad, and when erect I am only...
  13. superoscarsbelly

    WOW Where did it go?

    In the past year, I have been gaining weight and have enjoyed every minute of it. I noticed the other day though, that my dick is now fully buried in fat when I am not erect and only about 3 when I am. My girlfriend wanted me to gain but is worried about it being fully buried when erect. Does...
  14. superoscarsbelly

    Size issues... :(

    I cannnot wait until my junk is completely covered or "hiding". I think it would be amazing to have the fat mound played with.
  15. superoscarsbelly

    Gaining Advice

    Hello Dimensions, I am new here but was wondering if anyone had any tips on getting a double belly, or how one develops? Thank you guys.
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