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    Tattoo thread

    My new "music is life" tat.
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    The Music Thread

    Nice find on the mumford and sons. I'm enjoying it ATM. Been listening to some older music. Also found some of my old Violent Femmes cd's. Here's one of my favorites:
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    SMELLS! What do you like on yourselves or your BHM/FFA?

    Old spice deodorant and bodywash. I have some expensive colognes but I prefer the old spice. I don't know what the gf wears, but she always smells good so I don't really care.
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    What's your latest kick?

    1. Girlfriend 2. Music (Mostly some newer DnB stuff) check this out if you have time. always brightens up my day. 3. Working on my car and getting it ready for paint. 4. Waiting for my RMA'd Motherboard to come in so I can get off this old...
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    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    Here's a pic of my girlfriend and I at the Guttermouth show I went to last Thursday. I don't really remember this picture being taken if that counts as an excuse for the expression on my face, lol.
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    The Music Thread

    Attending a Guttermouth show July 9th. One of of my favorite bands ever! Fuck yeah!
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    Do you have a job?

    I work in the Meat Department of a grocery store.
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    The Music Thread

    Listening to: Operation Ivy - Bad Town
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    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    Fresh out of the shower and making a weird face to go with my crazy hair. lol
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    FFAs in SoCal?

    woo for SoCal!
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    Feeling of being alone

    Since I'm an avid house/dance fan. Almost everything I listen to is "upbeat". but this song should help lift those spirits.
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    Come on BHMs, post your pictures here!

    Oh wow you live in Santa Barbara? Get me a job! lol
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    Come on BHMs, post your pictures here!

    4:37am yay for morning shifts. O_O
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    Music Video

    I read somewhere that the guys in the window behind him are actually part of the group "pendulum" and you can see one of them go outside and hand him a bottle of water.
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    Tattoo thread

    Have you ever been to Waterton Lakes national park? Some amazing scenery there.
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    Attached or looking?

    Single and recently looking aswell. Haven't seen many FFA's from California so far though.
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    Music Video

    Yeah, I love Drum and Bass. If you want more music like it send me a pm and I'll shoot you a bunch of links.
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